Aman Solanki – Batch 2016


I consider myself as an exceptionally lucky person as I have so far managed my zest for sports by playing actively as a footballer and also working full time as a Player Relationship Manager at zlait sports.

It all started at Jagran Lakecity University in 2014. 2014 was the year I moved from Mumbai to Bhopal. There were plenty of questions about why Bhopal and why this particular university. For me, it all started here. JLU was a place where I learned to play football and started playing it as sport and not just a hobby. I got into the University football team and played with the team throughout my study at JLU, I pursued my Bachelor’s degree in Banking & Finance from JLU which was a 3 years affair. With strong personal drive and support of the university, I got selected to represent the state’s team of Madhya Pradesh. Now when I look back I realize that this couldn’t be possible with the help of my university and faculties. They left no stone unturned to let me play and pursue sports while ensuring my academics aren’t affected – from faculties rendering additional support in lunch hours or post-college hours to helping me keep up in the exams by helping me with run through missed syllabus again. The university did all that’s possible for me. I believe that this was the time that improved my interpersonal skills drastically.

I moved back to Mumbai after graduating from JLU, took trials with Bank of Baroda and was selected to their football squad. I was doing my Post Graduation from the Global Institute of Sports Business at the same time. After doing my sports management I realized that there is so much that sports has offered to me as a person, and now it was my time to give something back to the game.

So now I represent the football team at Bank of Baroda and work as Player Relationship Manager at zlait sports. Yes! I have the best of both worlds.

It’s the excitement I think that inspires you to play and work in the sports industry.

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