Apnnews | JLU Partners with X Billion Skills Lab and Ignited Intellectual


Delhi: Ignited Intellectual, a recently launched Ed-tech organization in central India and X-Billion skills lab, a 21st century workplace skills development platform, announced their collaboration for a new-age skills driven education platform.

According to X-Billion skills lab, the collaboration is to work on the foundations laid by India’s new national education policy (NEP 2020) where special emphasis is given on teaching 21st century skills to children and youth in order to build a future ready workforce for the nation. As technology and innovation transform the world of work, skills like critical thinking, creative problem solving, emotional intelligence, storytelling and negotiation skills become equally crucial as technical education.

The world economic forum’s 2020 ‘Future of Jobs’ report states that these skills are amongst the top 10 skills for the future. Ignited Intellectual, under this collaboration will make sure that such exposure is delivered in formats that are relatable & understandable for students, especially in semi-urban and rural regions who form the majority of India’s student and job seeking population.

“It is established beyond doubt that skill development of the youth of our nation is not as quick as the innovation in technology. This has made a gap between the relevant expertise required and the individuals who aim to possess this expertise. Ignited Intellectual aims to bridge this gap, at the grassroots. We aim to equip the youth with relevant skills so that they are gainful employees of the future and in harmony with contemporary innovation. ”- Abhishek Mohan Gupta, Founder, Ignited Intellectual.

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