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Bhopal Design Festival

The Bhopal Design Festival is a dynamic event showcasing contemporary design and arts, with a focus on supporting ten young designers each year. Held on November 24th and 25th, 2023 at Jagran Lakecity University, it invites designers, students, and the public to explore a diverse range of design disciplines. The theme, “Metamorph: The Design Drift” sets the stage for installations, exhibitions, fireside chats, and more. This two-day program aims to foster connections and conversations among professionals, academics, researchers, and students, bridging the gap in the design and art industry. Don’t miss out on this opportunity for inspiration and meaningful change!

Masterclasses & workshops

Visual Communication Design


Experiential Design


Graphic Design & Digital Expressions


Production & Set Design




Sound Design


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Sonal Dabral

Creative Consultant, Film Director

Dheeraj Kumar

Director NIDMP, Bhopal

Nimesh Pilla

Advisor and Lead - Innovation consulting at KPMG India

Pramod Gaikwad

Experiential Design

Ekta Rohra Jafri

Former Design Director - IBM

Vidhika Rohatagi

Partner & Chief Design Officer - EY

Sandeep Mohan Meher

Production Designer

Prof. Amitabh Pandey

Graphic Design Expert

Alok Kumar

Director UX - Myntra

Gagan Sahni

Head of Design - Absolute

Pranshul Shukla

Sound Designer and Production Mixer

B. N. vichari

Art Director

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