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Graduation Ceremony

Jagran Lakecity University is hosting its 7th Graduation Ceremony on 17th December 2022 at the JLU Student Enrichment Hub. 

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There’s a lot involved in your graduation day. If are attending your graduation day, you need to know things listed below to make sure you’re in the right place at the right time. We’re keen to make the day a special one. Find details about your graduation ceremony, what to expect and what you need to do beforehand to ensure that you have happy memories of your graduation for years to come.

Alumni Awards

Extended back-end learning includes PHP, API, NodeJS, and more

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Explore the front-end fundamentals, such as HTML, CSS, and JS.

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The graduation ceremony

The academic procession which includes the University’s students, Deans and University staff enters the hall to and the ceremony is formally opened by the the Chancellor, Pro-Chancellor or Vice-Chancellor. During the ceremony, graduands and guests should follow the directions of the ceremony who will guide you through what you should be doing and when.


Graduates will stand to be formally presented for their degree. This will be as part of your conferral group, so only stand up when directed. The graduands onto the stage where their name will be read out (and thesis title for PhDs) and the graduand will cross the stage. Graduates will be congratulated and will will then continue across the stage to exit and go back to their seat. Once all graduates in the conferral group have been presented, they will all stand, their degree will be formally conferred and applause will follow.

Guest Guidance

  • DO applaud graduates as they cross the stage.
  • DO take photographs from your seat.
  • DO use the restroom before the ceremony – we strongly advise not leaving the Auditorium in the middle of a ceremony, as part of our measures to keep everyone safe.
  • Don’t stand up and block other guests’ views.
  • Don’t record the ceremony.
  • Don’t arrive late – Doors open 1 hour before the ceremony, and you should take your seat at least 30 min before the ceremony starts. Late arrivals will not be allowed into the ceremony. 

Chief Guest

Extended back-end learning includes PHP, API, NodeJS, and more


Explore the front-end fundamentals, such as HTML, CSS, and JS.

Betty Rash • Graduate 06/20

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Paul Wagner • Graduate 01/21

Alumni Success Stories

Graduates share their journey to success

Some of our graduates are now working in development teams in hi-tech companies and corporations.
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Oliver Buck • Graduate 09/20


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Other ceremony elements

Honorary Degrees

JLU has been awarding Honorary Degrees since it was founded in 1964. They are awarded to people with a recognized international standing in their field, and to those who have given special service in connection with the University or its regions.

Alumni Awards

Every year, JLU presents these awards to outstanding alumni. The recipients will have made a substantial contribution to their field since graduation at JLU be inspiring to graduating students and guests.

The Chancellor's Medal

presented each year to the most meritorious students in each faculty.

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