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At the Faculty of Law, we are committed to meeting the demands of legal education by exposing the students to the perspectives of legal knowledge and equipping them with the acumen to handle cocntemporary challenges in the legal field successfully.

Students are exposed to new ideas, international perspectives and innovative teaching in a suppoFrtive and open academic environment. With a high-quality education supported by unique work experiences, our graduate students are well equipped with the skills they need to succeed in a diverse set of fields in India and abroad.

In line with our vision of being a top-notch practice-based university, our pedagogy includes a well-planned practice regime that includes a well-appointed Moot Court, case studies, presentations and mandatory internships for the students. Furthermore, to ensure international exposure par excellence, the Faculty of Law has mapped all its programs to the European Teaching and learning standards as part of the Tunning India project funded by the European Union's Erasmus+ program as its key members.

The Faculty of Law has also collaborated with some of the world's well-known institutions, such as the International Association of Law Schools (IALS), European Law Institute and Global Forum on Law, Justice and Development (an initiative of the World Bank) along with various National and International academic partners.

Whether you wish to become an Independent lawyer or scale the pinnacle of success in the corporate world, the Faculty of Law at Jagran Lakecity University is the place to be!

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