JLU Students curate an online art festival featuring artists of Bhopal


Reflecting the unqiue integrated ecosystem of academia and praxis at Jagran Lakecity University, Aishwarya Shrivastav and Lavanya Rana, students of Jagran School of Journalism and Communication have come together and curated an online art festival featuring artists of Bhopal.

Being communicators & poets themselves, they have been actively involved in creating a dedicated space for poetry and storytelling in Bhopal. They are city ambassadors for Kommune in Bhopal. The online festival will take place on the instagram handle of Kommune Bhopal @kommunebhopal twice every week on Wednesdays 9 PM and Sundays 6 PM.

The amazing lineup of artists feature bhopali poets such as Mansi Jain, Nausheen Khan, Nishant Updadhyay, Anurag Tiwari along with musical melodies by Sameer Rahat, Animesh Chaurasia and Samar Mehdi. RJ Bani will also be featuring along with these artists. Devanshi Khetarpal who is a Poet and an undergrad student at New York University and the founder of Inklette magazine will also feature in this series.

The first episode will feature Aishwarya and Lavanya themselves, on 1st April at 9 PM on Instagram where they will be reading a duet poem and talking about their individual styles.

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