Mr. Atul Kumar Gupta, published his book: “CONCEPTS & EXPERTS: An Understanding the challenges in C Programming”


At JLU, our faculty members believe on the fact that Writing is an art and a craft that needs to be developed through deliberate practice and research over a long period of time.

With the same belief, our faculty member Mr. Atul Kumar Gupta, Assistant Professor at JLU-School of Engineering and Technology published his book titled “CONCEPTS & EXPERTS: An Understanding the challenges in C Programming” with Notion Press, Chennai.

This first edition book provides instructions in the use of the C language, within the context of modern C programming style. It includes complete and understandable depth explanations of all important topics of C, including some practical examples.

In addition, the book presents a contemporary approach to programming, stressing the importance of programming simplicity, legibility, modularity and efficiency in program building as well as some C programming based projects.

The paperback edition of the book is available on publisher’s website and e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart etc. We wish him all success in his future endeavors.

Links to get the book:

Publisher’s Website:




About Mr. Atul Kumar:

Mr. Atul Kumar Gupta is currently serving as an assistant professor at JLU-School of Engineering and Technology and having more than 9 years teaching experience. He has expertise in solving a wide range of image processing and network security problems. He has also held different positions for trainer and application programming in many reputed institutes. He achieved Best Faculty Award 2013-14 for outstanding performance by “COGNIZANT” Company. He has participated as a mentor in SMART INDIA HACKATHON-17 as well as SMART INDIA HACKATHON-18 and also nominated as an evaluator in TOYCATHON-21 which is an initiative of Government of India. His focus remains to provide best possible guidance to students for them to be future ready.

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