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An programme that is designed to train and equip you in writing your story starting from a scratch to a fully developed final draft for a Film.

This Script-Lab, screenwriting syllabus focuses on the art and craft of writing fiction feature films. Through the analysis of great movies and their screenplays, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the storytelling techniques, character development, plot structure, and dialogue necessary to create compelling narratives. The syllabus is structured to cover essential topics in screenwriting, allowing students to develop their skills progressively over the course of the lab.

Course Syllabus

Week 1

Introduction to Screenwriting: Basics of storytelling in film and the role of the screenwriter.

Movie Analysis: ” Andhadhun ” – Analyzing the screenplay and discussing its narrative elements.

Day 1: Introduction to Screenwriting and the art of storytelling. Understanding the screenplay format. Conceptualizing ideas, writing visually.

Day 2: Premise creation and building characters.

Day 3: Plotting and outlining. Action & Emotional Plot.

Day 4: Designing Strong Plot Structure: Understanding the three-act structure and its variations. Writing the First Act – Writing the Second Act –  Writing the Third Act

Day 5: Movie Screening. Casablanca (1942).

Day 6: Writing the logline and synopsis. Finalising Premise of a Film and Short Film. Sample Writing Test: Write a short scene that introduces your protagonist and their primary motivation. 

Week 2

Creating Engaging Characters: Developing memorable and relatable characters.

Movie Analysis: “No Country For old men” – Analyzing the screenplay and character development.

Day 1: Character Arc. Scene design.

Day 2: Developing Conflict and Tension: Creating engaging conflicts and building suspense.

Day 3: Creating a unique world. Understanding genre and tropes.

Day 4: Developing a treatment. 

Day 5: Tithi film screening.

Day 6: Writing exercises and feedback. Short Film writing Completion.

Week 3

Movie Analysis: “Vada Chennai” – Analyzing the screenplay and its plot structure

Day 1: Subplot and development. 

Day 2: Structure and pacing. 

Day 3: Dialogue writing and subtext. 

Day 4: Writing Memorable Opening and Closing Scenes – Sample Writing Test: Write a scene that establishes your script’s setting and tone.

Day 5: Fandry Film screening.

Day 6: Writing exercises and feedback. 

Week 4

Writing Effective Dialogue: Techniques for crafting authentic and compelling dialogue.

Movie Analysis: “Pulp Fiction” (1994) – Analyzing the screenplay’s dialogue and interactions.

Day 1: Scene analysis, script Ananlysis, Film. Beat Sheet.

Day 2: Pitching and selling your screenplay. 

Day 3: Field excersize. 

Day 4: Writing exercises and feedback. – Sample Writing Test: Write a scene that uses metaphor to convey your script’s central theme.

Day 5: Revising and rewriting. Sample Writing Test: Write a pitch for your script that sells its unique qualities. Mid-term review.

Day 6: Industry Interaction.

Week 5

Movie Analysis: “No Country for Old Men” (2007) – Analyzing the screenplay’s use of tension.

Day 1: Step-outline 1st draft. Crafting Memorable Opening Scenes: Capturing the audience’s attention from the start.

Day 2: Film narration techniques. 

Day 3: Analysis Understanding the industry and the business of screenwriting. 

Day 4: Sample Writing Test: Write a scene that illustrates your script’s central theme. Writing exercises and feedback. 

Day 5: Collaborating with directors and producers.

Day 6:  Sample Writing Test: Write a scene in the horror genre that subverts a common trope.

Week 6

Writing Dynamic Action and Visuals: Techniques for crafting impactful action scenes.

Movie Analysis: “Memories Of Murder” – Analyzing the screenplay’s action sequences.

Day 1: Step-outline draft 1 review. Sample Writing Test: Write a scene that conveys a character’s inner thoughts and feelings without using dialogue.

Day 2: Adapting a novel or true story.

Day 3:  Field Trip

Day 4: Movie Analysis: “A seperation” – Analyzing the screenplay’s opening scene.

Day 5: Writing for Emotional Impact. Writing for sequels and franchises. Writing exercises and feedback.

Day 6: Feedback and revision. Finishing the Feature film draft.

JLU X Bhopal Script Lab

The Bhopal Script Lab is an innovative and intensive program tailored for aspiring scriptwriters and storytellers. Spanning over six weeks, this residential course offers a fast-track education in scriptwriting and the art of storytelling. Drawing talent from all corners of India, the cohort comprises a diverse group of individuals with a shared passion for crafting compelling narratives.

What sets the Bhopal Script Lab apart is its distinguished faculty, which includes accomplished alumni from the esteemed Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), as well as nationally acclaimed filmmakers and scriptwriters. Each week brings a new industry expert on board, providing invaluable insights and mentorship to the participants.

The program's unique structure ensures that by the end of the course, every participant leaves with a fully developed, polished script in hand. Through a combination of immersive learning, hands-on exercises, and collaborative projects, participants gain a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of scriptwriting for film.

Whether you're an aspiring screenwriter looking to refine your craft or a storyteller eager to bring your ideas to life on the big screen, the Bhopal Script Lab offers an unparalleled opportunity to learn, grow, and connect with a community of like-minded creatives. This program is a launchpad for turning your storytelling aspirations into tangible, bound scripts ready to captivate audiences.

Jagran Lakecity University (JLU) Bhopal is a private university established under Section 2(f) of UGC Act 1956 and is based out of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

JLU Bhopal is one of the fastest growing and one of the most awarded universities of Central India having practice-based pedagogy at its core. Currently, the university is offering 50+ degree programs to more than 2500 students from 8 countries and 27 states of India.

The university has numerous Partnerships with Top Industries and International Educational Institutes, ensuring the students get great exposure both nationally and internationally. JLU Bhopal is the only participating university from Central India ERASMUS+ programme under the Tuning India Project, funded by the European Commission and is also currently the country chair for Association of Universities of Asia Pacific (AUAP).

Jagran Lakecity University became the first university in MP & CG to be awarded the ‘DIAMOND’ rating by QS I-Gauge, an International Rating agency in June 2021. JLU was ranked 30th best private university in India by the Education World in 2021 and also got the E-Learning Excellence for Academic Digitisation (E-Lead) Certification 2020-21, by QS I –Gauge.

India Today and Outlook India, has ranked Jagran School of Journalism and Mass Communication, JLU Bhopal as No.1 in Madhya Pradesh and top 15 in India in 2020 and the University has been bestowed with several prestigious awards, such as ‘University of the Year’ by Government of Madhya Pradesh for consecutive five years from 2015 to 2019 and is recognized as a Global League Institution in 2015 at the House of Commons, London, UK

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