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The pedagogy at JSJC actively involves our students in the learning process through discussion, group work, hands-on participation, and applying information outside the classroom. This process defines experiential learning where students are involved in learning content in which they have a personal interest, need, or want. JSJC students develop critical thinking, use creativity, and employ multiple communication strategies while applying their skills to real-world problems. As an outgrowth of the curricular innovations strategic plan, JSJC works collaboratively across University Schools and Centres of Excellence to create sustainable, relevant, student-centered, research-based programs which utilize experiential learning, both in and out of the classroom to promote and sustain student’s academic success. Being a part of student groups and developing connections around India define our students’ time here. There are over ten student-run clubs to choose from, along with the freedom to start a new organization. From debates and incubators to the performing arts and social change, our students live multi-dimensional University experiences. 

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