Two student of Jagran Lakecity University selected for the Samaantha Ambassador Programme

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  • LavanyaRana–

“I want to see queer, trans, and lesbian women represented as political leaders at all levels of governance”, says Lavanya Rana as she becomes the Samaantha Ambassador at Netri Foundation in partnership with Network Capital and Haiyya.

Jagran Lakecity University always cherishes our students’ achievements. We provide our students with diversity for growth and a path towards self-improvement by opening multiple opportunities for them. We promote our students’ achievements to spur their talents.

Lavanya being a student of BAJMC has achieved the honor of being The Samaantha Ambassador for the work she has done for the Netri Foundation. She is always interested in Political communications and wants to work to increase youth and women’s participation in politics. She has specialized in Print Media and has features on websites such as The Mighty, Youth kiAwaaz and Love Matters India. She is an intersectional feminist and is also the Co-founder of Femme Fridays, which is an inclusive, women-only community-based in Bhopal for poetry education – by women and for women, of all ages.

JLU Bhopal takes pride in seeing such talents in its students and provides them with an environment where they can nurture these talents. We have The State of Art dedicated 20,000sq. Ft. of media production, Industry collaboration with Wittyfeed and part of google news lab university network, access to work on diverse student campus media outlets like lakecity voice, Lakecity live and lakecity news, and many such opportunities as well as an atmosphere for the students to benefit from.

Lavanya has always been passionate about poetry and engaging with local communities for skill development. In Femme Fridays, she focused on imparting poetry skills to women by providing them with a safe space to learn, engage and grow.
We congratulate Lavanya for her success and we wish her all the best in her future endeavors.

  • Deva Darshini

Our students at Jagran Lakecity University never fail to astonish us with their capabilities and determination to grow, and add honor to our student achievement tome. One of our brilliant students, Deva Darshini, a student of M. A. Public Policy and International Affairs, I year, is selected for the Samaantha Ambassador Programme.

Deva Darshini comes from Tamil Nadu with the belief that women shape up politics. As a youngster, she wants to see more women in every field. She is also an international-level Judo player. We at JLU take immense pride in having such influential students with a powerful vision for tomorrow amongst us and feel privileged to play such an important role in their growth as their educators and guiders.

The Samaantha Ambassadors program is a six-week online learning experience for women who want to become professional trainers in the field of Politics. This is an initiative towards nurturing a future with women political leaders. The program is launched by NETRI Foundation, an organization working towards increasing political understanding, supporting political participation and aspirations of women, bringing a structural change in women’s interaction with the state, and striving to increase the number of women contesting in elections at all levels of decision making; in partnership with HAIYYA as content and outreach partners and Network Capital as Host-Platform partners. The university ensures that students are making the most out of their capabilities and back them with our support so that they reach ultimate heights.

Along with getting selected for this big opportunity with her capabilities and fortitude, Deva Darshini is also presented with a 50% scholarship for this program with her intellect.

Kudos to Deva Darshini and her mentors for this wonderful win.

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