Two Students Of Jagran School Of Journalism and Communication Adjudged The Top Winners in a 60-Word Story Writing Competition

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Another golden page has been added in Jagran Lakecity University’s golden book of student achievement. Two of our students at Jagran School of Journalism and Communication, Shreya Srivastava BAJMC IV and Shraddha Gupta, BAJMC II participated in a 60-word story writing competition around diverse developmental themes under the national “It’s Possible” campaign and awarded the top winners of the competition.

While Shreya used beautiful verse to provoke a change of the attitude towards women’s employment—change starts from home—breaking the stereotype that women should sit at home, Shraddha made a point to criticize the subtle misogynistic treatment towards women in schools and shed light on the true objective of educating women—all in 60 words!

“It’s Possible” is a National gender equality campaign that strives to break gender stereotypes and make a positive change in people’s attitudes towards all genders. The vision of this campaign is to visualize a society where everyone, regardless of their sex, gender and sexuality has equal rights.

By winning this competition with their captivating and thought-provoking write-ups, our students proved that creativity involves breaking out of expected patterns to look at things differently. Along with their imaginative genius and Dr. RanuTomar’s mentorship and guidance, our students made us proud once again.

JLU has witnessed not once but countless occasions of the faculty’s experience and guidance and our students’ raw talent and passion to win coming together to bring massive glory to our JLU family.

We strive to provide our students every opportunity to push their limits and create a better cause with partnerships like this. JLU’s Faculty of Journalism and Creative Studies came together with Phia Foundation, an organization working towards a vision where everyone, regardless of their caste, gender, and class can lead a life without poverty, exclusion, and discrimination.

We at JLU are proud to have creative geniuses like Shreya and Shraddha and cherish their young, talented spirits to make a change using their voice.

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