Academic & Sports Scholarships

At Jagran Lakecity University, we believe in rewarding the hard work and excellence achieved by students in various fields of life. We believe that scholarships should be awarded to deserving students who have displayed extra-ordinary achievements both in academics and sports. The JLU Scholarships provide impetus to the University vision of producing leaders who think globally and act locally, by identifying deserving scholars amongst a pool of young achievers. The Scholarships have been initiated to encourage the talent of such students, thereby strengthening the roots of our future generation.

Scholarship Policy for the Academic session 2022


1. Fee Concession to DPS Alumni:

  • Alumni charges (one time) 100% waiver

2. Fee Concession to JLU Alumni:

  • 10% waiver on tuition fees every year for the entire course duration.
  • Alumni fees waiver.

3. Fee Concession to JLU Alumni - siblings:

  • Siblings refer to brother or sister having both parents in common (own blood relation)
  • 10% waiver on tuition fees for the first year only.

4. Fee Concession to JLU employee for child’s education in JLU:

  • 50% concession on tuition fees ONLY.
  • Confirmed & full-time employees only, post confirmation 3 years to be completed.
  • HR policy may be referred for details.

5. Fee Concession for JLU Faculty (Confirmed employee as on the date of admission) applying for PhD course:

  • 50% concession on tuition fees ONLY
  • Caution money waiver ONLY.
  • In case, the employee leaves the organization during the course of study, the concession availed will be reversed and all the sums will be liable for payment.
  • After completion of PhD, the faculty member completes 5 years’ time in the University; the entire amount paid will be reimbursed to the employee.
  • HR policy may be referred for details.

6. Fee Concession for JSWS Board Members:

  • JSWS family members will get 50% concession on tuition fees ONLY.
  • Caution money waiver.

7. Fee concession to Defence services:

  • 10% waiver on tuition fees for the entire course duration

JLU Fee Scholarship Policy



Tuition Fees Wavier 100% 50% 25%
*Qualifying Exam 92% & above 85% to 91.99% 80% to 84.99%
No. of Scholarships 10 20 40

*Definition of Qualifying exam: All recognised boards

Academic Scholarship benefits available on basis of Competitive exams at UG Level:


Category Tuition Fees Wavier
CLAT AIR up to 3000 100%
CLAT AIR 3001 – 3500 50%
CLAT AIR 3501 – 4000 25%


Category Tuition Fees Wavier
NID AIR up to 250 100%
NID AIR 251– 300 50%
NID AIR 301-350 25%


Tuition Fees Wavier 100% 50% 25%
*Qualifying Exam CGPA 9 & above CGPA 8.1 to 8.9 CGPA 7.5 to 8
No. of Scholarships

*Definition of Qualifying exam: Under Graduate degree from a recognised institution.

Academic Scholarship benefits available on basis of Competitive exams at PG Level:


Tuition Fees Wavier 100% 50%
Eligibility for MBA CAT / XAT 85 Percentile and Above CAT / XAT 70-84.99 Percentile
CMAT/MAT/ATMA 90 Percentile and Above CMAT/MAT/ATMA 85-89.99 Percentile

Scholarship entitlements & pre-requisite:

  • A student will be eligible to apply for scholarship after the payment of One-time charges.
  • Any student eligible for scholarship under the above-mentioned criteria are supposed to APPLY for scholarship in the prescribed online form / offline form.
  • The student will be required to submit a note on Statement of Purpose (limited to 1500 words).
  • All Academic Scholarship will be on Year 1 Tuition Fee only.
  • Student can avail any ONE concession / scholarship. No clubbing is allowed.

Steps to apply for scholarship:

Step 1 Choose your Course and Fill Application Form
Step 2 JLUET / Interview
Step 3 Admission Offer Given
Step 4 7 days given for payment of one-time charges
Step 5 Apply for scholarship along with SOP


The scholarships for achievements in the field of sports will be awarded as per the following criteria:

100% on Tuition fees 50% on Tuition fees 25% on Tuition fees
International Players National Medal Winners* National Participation

*Note :

  • Age should not be more than 23 years as on 01 July 2021
  • The scholarship is only given in swimming, badminton, cricket, football, and shooting.

    *Recognized By: Indian Olympic Association/ BCCI/ Recognized Associations

  • Continuation of scholarship for sports:
    Scholarship is granted on annual basis and continuation in second and further years of the program is subject to continuation of scholarship policy.

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