Center for Professional Skills

The JLU Centre for Professional Skills is a stand-alone skill accelerator that aims to equip working professionals, potential job seekers, and students with new age skills and make them ready for today’s competitive world.

The mission of the Centre is to create opportunities for capacity building so that practical and positive learning experiences are generated. Through this we aim to foster competent professionals who have the required skill set to carve their career pathway.

The Centre brings together trainers, teachers, and practitioners in the area of professional development, skill enhancement, employability upskilling, continuous professional development and related domains. The idea of the Centre is to drive positive change through finer details that go a long way in establishing, sustaining, and building careers.

We impart applied knowledge of skills and give professional development training to graduates, post graduates, and working professionals with varied backgrounds and equip them with necessary skill sets making them relevant in the contemporary context.

Our team at the Centre works intricately and nurtures extensive professional networks with local, national, as well as international forerunners in the area of language and interpersonal upskilling and upgradation.

JLU Centre for Professional Skills is a unique combination of expertise found both in academic corporate sectors. Our difference lies in our approach to and methodology used for skill development which is acutely shaped by the need of the groups we cater to. The specific focus of our work is guided by the desire to:

  • Enhance language competency, particularly English, in order to aid better communication at workplace and social scenarios
  • Ensure development of interpersonal skills for more effective productivity of the workforce in general
  • Develop attitudes in individuals so that they become functional across teams
  • Increase cross cultural awareness and competencies

As part of a University we have access to the best specialists, academics and their latest think tank reservoir, across a range of disciplines, enabling us to tailor fit our offerings.

Established in the year 2018, the JLU Centre for Professional Skills, has a mandate to create professionals who through their impeccable training respond to incumbent challenges of the present workplace and proactively meet demands.

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