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Faculty of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences is highly devoted to making the future leaders who not only bring positive change in the country but are major contributors to the world order. We leave no stone unturned to bring the best industry professionals, social sector leaders of the country and the world on our campus to interact with our students. These events give students the platform to excess their profound knowledge about the Policies and Functioning that affect the everyday lives of millions.

For Public Policy, guest speakers are veteran professionals of reputed stature, like officers of the Indian Administrative and Police services, Directors and Secretaries of PSUs & Government Departments and such individuals who have spent a lifetime in public services. For Humanities, World-renowned psychologists, critically acclaimed writers, and highly revered individuals from the world of English and contemporary literature, frequently deliver lectures and seminars for our students and share with them the rationale that goes behind developmental process of their field of study. Students admire them and wish to walk in their shoes one day. Learning from their lectures or seminars, our students’ dreams of working for a better tomorrow gets reinstated.
  • WOW Wednesday-Policy Maker Sessions
  • Various National Level Competition

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