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The Faculty of Management and Commerce events are carefully designed to bring in crème de la crème for the students to interact with so that they can become professional in their conduct and moral in their behavior. Virtuosos of the business world from specializations ranging from Finance, Marketing, HR, and Entrepreneurship are invited who share their industry experience and useful advice which comes handy for the students when they venture into the corporate field.

Management and Commerce events are nothing if not knowledgeable and eventful. It is the only place where critical thinking meets creative thinking. Hence, be it the annual budget-based debate competition or logo designing workshop, the students not just have to research, and prepare, but also have the to present impressively. The events always pushed to understand and get exposed to the trends of the industry which is the most essential trait to be successful in the field.
  • Big Fight-Annual Budget Debate Competition
  • Frequent Sessions with Industry Leaders

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