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Jagran Lakecity University is recognized equally for its illustrious sporting infrastructure as it is for its excellence in education and research. Over the past 7 years, the University has been home to some of the country’s upcoming sportsmen and women. Sports and Extra-Curricular activities are an integral part of life at JLU and the university provides one of central India’s leading sports facilities for talented student-athletes to support them in achieving their sporting ambitions. We also want students, staff, and the entire community of JLU to understand the importance of their health and wellbeing.

May it be playing on the fields, competing at basketball courts, singing or dancing in auditoriums, or swimming in 6 lanes Olympic standard pool, Jagran Lakecity University offers its students ample opportunities to partake. Thus, their musical, sporting, and other talents are showcased and it aligns with our objective of providing Jagranites with a platform to work on their craft and keep their flair alive. We create an environment where students are nurtured to develop and showcase a wide variety of skills including sports, ensuring that they are well prepared for the job market.

JLU has two football fields, two basketball and volleyball courts each, a multipurpose ground is used to host cricket and athletic tournaments, a fully equipped Gymnasium and Recreation Center. The University is committed to developing sport within the University and across central India. Sport is the best activity to promote social interaction, inculcate teamwork, and spread fitness related awareness among young scholars.



Our state-of-the-art Gymnasium has cardiovascular equipment including treadmills and elliptical. We also have dumbbells, z-rods, leg press, bench press and multiple weight training equipment. In addition to this, we have a free weights section as well as a stretching area for your essential cool-down or foam-rolling session. The gym tactically overlooks the clear blue swimming pool which entices an individual to exercise in this pristine environment.

Recreation center

Opened in 2019, the Recreation Center is designed to house all the non-athletic games and activities. The center has board games, a pool table, and an indoor multipurpose hall with judo mats and martial arts gear that helps the Jagranites to stay physically fit. University also uses the center to conducts a range of classes, including Yoga, Zumba, Dance classes, and more. The staff and day boarders can access the center at allotted times and hostellers get the subscription to the center and gym as an added benefit for boarding on campus.

Extra-Curricular Events

JLU understands the need and importance of recreation for its students and staff. With a student centric approach in mind, JLU celebrates all major festivals (Diwali, Holi, Christmas etc) and events of national importance on campus. The students get the opportunity to organize, monitor and partake in these events and hostellers get to experience the homely feeling. At the last Saturday of every month, the hostellers get together to host a common birthday party for all students, where there is a DJ and refreshments from the university.

JLU also organizes the SUNBURN festival and multiple feasts like photography competitions, Sports tournaments, dance & singing competitions, art exhibitions, food festivals, indoor games tournaments, where the university is open for all the artists and enthusiasts to come and display their talents.

Winners are handsomely rewarded with cash prizes and certificates but more importantly they get an opportunity to showcase their arts in a competitive environment and get appreciated for it.

Some Annual and Biennial events at JLU
  • Ethnicity
  • JLU League- Sports tournament in campus
  • Natyashala- Theatre and Dance Workshop
  • Scavenger Hunt- Treasure Hunt with Prizes
  • Master Click- Photography Competition
  • JLU Intra University Open Cricket Tournament
  • Kai Po Che
  • Funship- Annual Friendship day Celebration
  • Shakespeare Day- Literary Feasts
  • Alumni Meet- Fun filled get together for Alumni
  • JLU LAN Gaming Competition- Computer gaming for geeks
  • Adventure Excursions- Trips and Tours by Jagranites

We have a history of sporting success & are passionate about supporting athletes

Our range of sports scholarships are aimed at providing an unrivalled level of support to the brightest & the best talents in the sporting world

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