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Sports and Adventure is an integral part of Jagran Lakecity University’s Campus Recreation. It fills the void between academics, recreation and outdoors. This Club gives an opportunity to participate in competitive sports activities, learn new skills, improve skill levels, and enjoy the recreational and social fellowship derived from sports involvement.

It provides club members with a variety of opportunities to explore the many different aspects of photography. You will not need a fancy camera to participate in Photography Club; you can use your mobile or any other photo-taking device. You will learn tips and tricks for making the most out of your cameras, techniques for taking different kinds of images, and editing methods for creating awesome final products. Many of our club activities will consist of photo-taking excursions; we want you to get out of your room and explore the world using your camera lens to guide you. This club is meant for all skill levels.

Music Club is a student-run club dedicated to promoting and cultivating a love for music among university students. The club typically consists of members who share a passion for music, and who are interested in participating in various musical activities and events on campus.

The primary objective of the club is to provide a platform for students to engage in musical activities and develop their musical skills and talents. This can include organizing jam sessions, concerts, open mics, and other musical performances. The club may also offer workshops and training sessions on various musical instruments, as well as opportunities for members to collaborate on music event.

Dance Club is a social clubfor students who are interested in dance. The club provides a platform for members to learn and improve their dance skills, participate in dance performances and competitions, meet other students who share their passion for dance, and have fun. Typically, the club is open to all students at the university, regardless of their level of dance experience. The club may offer classes and workshops in various dance styles, such as ballroom, salsa, hip hop, contemporary, or folk dance, taught by experienced instructors or senior members of the club. Members may also have the opportunity to attend dance festivals, competitions, and performances both on and off-campus.
The club promotes creative writing skills and what it takes to be a writer and poet. Club members meet to discuss books and the craft of writing. Some members choose to share their writings during the meetings, therefore starting many discussions. At times members critique each other’s work and offer suggestions. From time to time, the community organizes a variety of literary activities such as discussions, lectures, group discussions, poetry writing and reading, short story writing, quiz competitions, interactive / lecture sessions, etc.
This is an initiative to promote theatrical arts on campus and encourage expressive performances by the students. Mentored by practitioners & experts, the student members plan, mount and perform various theatrical art forms on and off campus. The membership puts up at least one theatre performance each month for the audiences which could be in the form of stage performances, road plays, mono acts, mime acts, role plays et al. The club works with a vision of “ “Theatre in Unlikely Spaces” where you will listen to theatrical music, write short skits, practice, and of course, play tons of theatre games. No experience or theatrical talent required. The activities carried out by the Club will encourage students to develop a different perception towards theatre and performing arts.
Our University aims is to empower our students with the skills of expressing their beliefs clearly and concisely, public speaking and effective communication in a formal setting, and staying aware of current events in the world. It aims to develop the skills needed for parliamentary debate and good debate for the MUN. Various aspects of debating are learnt and practiced, as well as different formats and general strategies for improving discussion skills. In addition to presenting research, model UN process, draft resolution assistance, speech delivery are some of the other activities of this Society.
Jagran Lakecity University is a hub for community outreach, volunteering and social impact that promotes social wellbeing and harmony amongst individuals. We are committed to work in the community and spread awareness about promoting social change within the university and the city.
Start-up & Entrepreneurship Club is a learning-by-doing environment where students can cultivate their entrepreneurship skills. Students in the club will participate in the development of a business, at minimum by learning from attending meetings, but ideally developing a start-up. The club has lectures, bootcamps with resources and experienced entrepreneurs from the business community mentor the teams, along with University faculty advisors. Some business plans from the club enter into the JLU Foundation for Innovation and Entrepreneurship ecosystem to potentially get funding for their start-ups. The club is also a place where students of JLU can incubate a business idea, providing students with learning opportunities as the students help develop the idea through the club. An emphasis is on following through so that the club creates real profitable businesses. Through community-based programs it promotes networking events, peer-to-peer development, learning opportunities and provides an informal platform to discuss your new ideas.

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