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We are delighted that you’ve chosen to explore JLU.

JLU’s founding vision is to be a leading teaching and research university of distinction that promotes the betterment of the world and welfare of our society through creativity and character building, integrity and innovation, entrepreneurship and enterprise by cooperation and collaboration.

The university’s core values over the years have paved the way for many of the university’s international education programs, initiatives and activities, and continue to guide us as we develop future global efforts that connect JLU to the world.

Our values of Exploration & Discovery, Encouragement of Free and diverse Expression, An Inclusive and connected community Engagement across Boundaries Igniting Mind & Changing Lives through Community Engagement, Respect for the Biodiversity & Environment. Today, JLU has more than 2500 students and a growing international community of students from over 6 countries studying on campus. JLU has 27 International Universities as our Knowledge Partners, with 300+ CEOs and top professionals over the years interacting with JLU students. Spread across pristine 236-Acre campus with Hi-tech Creative & Practice Labs supporting 65+ Professional degree programmes at UG, PG and Research level. Jagran Lakecity University is a world-class teaching and research institution situated in the heart of one of the India’s most liveable cities.

In studying here, you are achieving many things.

The world of your future will require you to connect with people across countries. The world is and will be increasingly globalized, in terms of challenges and relations between countries, and the collaboration needed for innovative and creative impact.

You all, brimming with energy and hope will learn a new language and culture, mixing with new people, sharing ideas and being strong and independent. These things will stand you in good stead to be global citizens, whether living in your home countries or living in another country elsewhere.

In coming to JLU, you have chosen to pursue a broad, intellectually charged education in the diverse disciplines. The idea of education at JLU aligns itself with freedom—the freedom to pursue intellectual questions, the freedom to debate issues of common concern, freedoms that prepare a young person for full citizenship.

The Office of International Affairs at JLU serves as a base for the university's international initiatives and student services, and includes the responsibilities of International Students and Scholars Admission which is dedicated to providing immigration, orientation, counselling and overall assistance to all international students, visiting scholars, and faculty on and off campus. The OIA also provides ongoing assistance and support for all members of the university community engaged in campus internationalization and globalization efforts.

I urge you to take advantage of everything JLU has to offer, and to become a global ambassador for your country while you are here. Together, we can learn from each other and help promote multicultural awareness, harmony and peace around the world. Welcome to the JLU global network!

Prof Diwakar Shukla
Dean, Faculty of Journalism and Creative Studies,
Head-JLU Advancement & International Relations
Jagran Lakecity University

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