3rd JLU International Festival of Media

Event Description

Advertising, Public Relations & Brands in the Era of Uncertainty

Be it a threat of an economic downturn, the need to figure out how to stand out with the growing noise around public issues and the ever-changing marketplace, the most pressing issue will vary depending on who you talk to. It’s a tumultuous time and one that isn’t easy for marketers, especially those looking for consistency.  There’s a realization that having data on consumers and being able to target them with your brand message isn’t enough to win the day if a brand doesn’t have a message that resonates with consumers.

Internet and social media, in particular, have changed advertising techniques forever making them more advanced and opening the way for new trends to appear in 2020.

The fluid times have led many to talk about the return of brand building and for the advertising and PR professionals the need to reinvent brand building in a world where marketers have enough data to personalize messages for each consumer.

We can’t over emphasize the importance of trust with our consumers. We see a fundamental shift in how advertising, PR , creative directors look at the ‘brand’ and how they’re trying to redefine what it means for their consumers.

What stays consistent is the need to understand consumers, behavior and insights. If one looks at the best campaigns and engagements with consumers, the ability to emotionally connect with consumers for behavioral change is the key.

With all the new technology, digital tools and connectivity, one of the most interesting fallouts has been the intensification of social connections… connecting the world as a single place, and creating a greater awareness of opinion, bias, and public stance. A well-aligned brand voice in these uncertain times goes a long way in establishing a deeper consumer connects.

The bottom line is, the world is changing faster than ever.  What are consistent are the story telling, media forms, platforms and human truth. The main purpose of III JLU International Festival of Media 20120 is to act as a platform for practitioners and researchers to share and discuss their experiences, campaigns, ideas and perspectives.

About the Fest

One day confluence, on 29th February 2020 (Saturday) at JLU, Bhopal, will bring together the brightest and ignited minds to deliberate, share and curate insights and trends that are idea-focused and contribute to foster synergies, learning and conversations that matter.

JLU International Festival of Media broadens and advances the discourse on advertising, marketing communications, Media and creative thinking, connecting scholars & Practitioners with diverse backgrounds and approaches. As it is an area of insights, ideas and influence, it has wider implications related to overarching aspects of human growth too. India is perhaps few places where democracy, media and change is intertwined strongly and this poses challenges of interpretation as well as opportunities.

We expect 300-350 students marketing and communication students, design and visual art scholars, media professionals, and civil society will participate.

Event Schedule 

Saturday 29th, February 2020

09:30 AM -10:30 AM Registrations
10:30 AM – 11: 30 AM
(60 minutes)
Session One

Finding purpose in an age of uncertainty

Mr.Neeraj Bassi, Managing Partner & Chief Strategy Officer, Publicis Worldwide India

11:30 AM-12: 30 PM
(60 minutes)
Session Two

Creativity in the times of uncertainty: How brands can unlock the Design-creative equation

Mr.Sumanto Chattopadhyay, Chairman & Chief Creative Officer
82point5 Communications, A WPP Company

12:30 AM -13:30 PM
(60 Minutes)
Session Three

Decoding the aspiring low income consumers

Mr.Dalveer Singh, Head Experiential Marketing – APAC

13:30 PM -14:30 PM


14:30 PM -15:30 PM
(60 minutes)
Session Four

The Future of Advertising: Pathways to survival and growth

Mr.Rohit Bindal, Director, Purple Focus

15:30 AM to 16:30 AM
(60 minutes)
Session Five

Navigating Chaos & Uncertainty: Building Brands in a Polarized World

Ms.Tejaswi Gupte, Trainer. Content creator. Communication Strategist

16:45 PM Close of the Festival

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