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Get ready for a musical tête-à-tête with our music melodist – Ankita Dubey and Vivek Singh.

Vivek Singh is a singer-songwriter. Who has been active in the central india music scene for past 5 years. He has done shows in over 20+ International and national cities and performed in over 30+ universities with 500+ private and corporate shows in all major metro cities. The artist has also been active with his band under the name “XUBAAN” that recently released its debut album streaming on all major audio streaming platform. Vivek is an alumnus of Jagran School of Journalism and Communication.

Ankita Dubey is an alumna of JLU School of Law. She has won many state level singing competitions and 2 competitions in JLU itself. She has also shared the stage with the legendary playback singer, Shaan. Ankita released her first Original on every major audio streaming platform and currently working on an album of different genre of songs.

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