Legal Research Centres

In the legal profession, it is extremely essential for an individual to keep pace with the rapidly changing trends of the society and industry. With the aim of promoting growth of intensive research and study in the booming areas of law, School of Law has established dedicated centres

JLU &TAXMANN Research Centre for Tax and Corporate Laws (RCTCL) :

JLU &TAXMANN Research Centre for Tax and Corporate Laws aims to provide a platform for fruitful deliberations and discussions on the dynamism and comprehensive aspects of taxation and corporate laws. RCTCL is set up to bring together students, academicians, lawyers, professionals and other stakeholders through various ways such as workshops, seminars, colloquia, conferences, etc. RCTCL fosters a unique blend of academic and professional perspectives in the domain of Taxation and Corporate Laws. It's Vision is to nurture the knowledge and pragmatic experience in the arena of Taxation & Corporate Laws, It's mission is to provide facilities for deep study and research concerning the various provisions of Taxation & Corporate Laws

Faculty In-charge
Faculty Member
Mr. Rohit Mishra Ms. Srishti Yadav

Centre for Sustainable Development and Environmental Law (CSDEL) :

In order to address environmental issues, the JLU-Faculty of Law with the intention of advancement of legal education, research and governance in the dynamic field of Environmental Law, established the Centre for Sustainable Development and Environmental Law.

The goal of the centre is to sensitize every stakeholder to think and act responsibly towards the challenges in this domain. The aim of the centre is to promote environmental consciousness as well as conduction of legal and interdisciplinary policy relevant research, advocate for the causes relating to environment protection, sustainable development and its education through field work.

The centre will also analyze public policies at national and international level dealing with sustainable development, climate change, health, water, wildlife protection, natural resource management, indigenous people and environment impact assessment amongst others and also check its implementation in the real sense. The centre will also make the law students aware about the technicalities in this domain and open up discussion on the legal solutions on contemporary environmental challenges.

Faculty In-charge
Faculty Member
Ms. Saumya Shaji Ms. Ayushi Jain
Ms. Ongmula Bhutia (co-Incharge)

Centre for Arbitration and Mediation Advocacy (CAMA) :

The JLU Centre for Arbitration and Mediation Advocacy has been established with an aim to provide a forum for deliberations and skill development in the field of Alternate Dispute Resolution majorly focusing on Arbitration, Mediation, Conciliation and Negotiation and aspects related thereto. We wish to elevate the set standards of practice in the field of ADR both within and outside the Jagran Lakecity University, Bhopal.

The vision is to emerge as central India’s leading think tank for training and developing cadre of ADR teachers and practicing professionals.

The mission is to widen the network of ADR teachers in the state of Madhya Pradesh and to promote industry oriented research in techniques of ADR for better teaching in the law schools.

Faculty In-charge
Faculty Members
Dr. Apoorva Dixit Ms. Diksha Garewal Das
Mr. Ayushmaan Vatsh (co-Incharge) Ms. Parul Padhi

Centre for Research on Intellectual Property and Advocacy (CRIPA) :

The Centre for Research on Intellectual Property and Advocacy (CRIPA) at Faculty of Law, Jagran Lakecity University is established with the primary goal of broadening the knowledge base and enhancing research and advocacy skills of law students in the field of intellectual property rights and related domains. Considering the broad ambit of IPR, the Centre firstly, targets to encourage synthesis of knowledge and best practices cutting across academia, practitioners and research fraternity. Secondly, the Centre aims to raise public awareness about intellectual property rights. Thirdly, CRIPA attempts to trace and map dynamically expanding dimensions of intellectual property in addition to exploring the intersection points, if any, between Intellectual Property and emerging areas of laws such as media & entertainment law, technology law. Inter alia, Centre also targets to conduct socially helpful researches in the field of intellectual property rights. Inspired by University’s motto – “Igniting minds; Changing lives”, CRIPA aims to carry out training programs, workshops, conferences and roundtables in diverse areas of intellectual property rights.

Faculty In-charge
Faculty Members
Dr. Yash Tiwari Ms. Apoorva Agarwal
Mr. Omkareshwar Pathak (co-Incharge) Mr. Vishesh Dahiya

Centre for Human Rights, Gender and Social Inclusion (CHRGS) :

Centre for Human Rights, Gender and Social Inclusion (CHRGS) is a research initiative of the Faculty of Law, JLU. The Centre’s principle objective is to promote research and training on various facets of Human Rights, Gender diversity and distinct issues of Social Inclusiveness. The Centre aspires to enrich academic scholarships on the subject of its research endeavours through publications, workshops, dialogues and conferences. The Centre invites academic engagements from Government and Non-Government partner agencies to conduct research and programs on the subjects under its mandate of operations. Centre is committed to develop action oriented legal research and provide a platform for conducting interdisciplinary dialogue on Human Right, Gender and Social Inclusiveness.

Faculty In-charge
Faculty Members
Dr. Anita Ladha Ms. Mitali Kori
Dr. Ipshita Bhattacharya (co-Incharge)

Centre for Law, Economics and Competition Policy (CLECP) :

Under the banner of law and economics, the Centre intends to hold a variety of activities to make a significant contribution to the field of economic analysis of Indian and international laws. In addition, for future research and academic endeavours, to collaborate with various national and international premier institutes in the fields of law and economics. The centre will prepare law students to apply their multidisciplinary thinking to this topic. It will promote law and economics research and learning in order to have an impact on policy making at the national and international levels, with participation from all stakeholders throughout the world.

The Centre has a vision to foster an output oriented interdisciplinary approach to discuss and assess the interplay of law, economics, and competition policy through deliberation and analytical study.

Faculty In-charge
Faculty Member
Mr. Abhishek Kumar Jain Ms. Somya Khare

Centre for Constitutional Development and Good Governance (CCDGG) :

The Centre focuses on bringing together experts as well as constitutional research enthusiasts to have engaging academic deliberations. Constitutional Development and Good Governance are intrinsically connected and it aspires to promote serious research in the field of constitutional law as well as good governance. The primary aim of the centre is to organize dialogues and conduct research with the students. The centre seeks to give them exposure about important constitutional issues as well as subjects relating to good governance by means of interdisciplinary research on Constitutional Law and Good Governance towards enriching a cadre of constitutional law scholars.

Faculty In-charge
Faculty Members
Dr. Simran Singh Ms. Surbhi Wadhwa
Dr. Katiyayani Singh (co-Incharge) Ms. Divya Jauhri

Legal Aid Clinic :

As per the mandate of the Rules of Legal Education 2008, School of Law has established a Legal Aid Clinic. Legal Aid Clinic is recognized by the Legal Aid Services Authority, Bhopal. The purpose behind having this Clinic is to familiarize law students with the problems faced by those people who are either uninformed or ignorant about their rights. To give our students real life exposure we organize Legal Aid camps wherein our students take the problems of the downtrodden and provide them Legal Aid with the help of District Legal Aid Services. We not only aim at relieving the aggrieved instead, we come out to bring social and legal awareness to curb down the burning issues from grass-root level. Apart from organizing legal awareness camp the clinic also aims at uplifting the children of slums and organizes Personality Development sessions and sports activities for them.

‘Liturgy’ is a wing of the legal aid clinic which works in the direction of instilling social values in the students. The roadmap of Liturgy is laid in way which inspires social responsibility and social sensitivity among the students. Various social visits to orphanages, old age homes, museum schools, etc. are planned to expose the students to the different dimensions of the society.

Faculty In-charge
Faculty Members
Dr. Yash Tiwari Ms. Diksha Garewal Das

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