Academic Partnership with University Camilo Jose Cela, Spain

universidad-camilo-jose-cela- JLU Bhopal partnership

Jagran Lakecity University, the best private university in central India, entered into an academic partnership with University Camilo Jose Cela, Spain in the year 2020. The whole objective of this collaboration is to expand university’s academic reach and footprints globally that gives JLU students quality international exposure and knowledge. As a result of this collaboration, students can look forward to various international exchange opportunities in their chosen fields.

University Camilo José Cela (UCJC), founded in 2000, is known to provide modern education. It has its headquarters located at Madrid. The partnership between JLU and UCJC aims to educate internationally-minded undergraduate and graduate students at JLU. This will open many opportunities for quality global exposure. Jagran Lakecity University Bhopal recognizes the importance of ‘Global Network Connect’. Such steps are making sure that no student, if willing, should wait or experience the lack of intentional opportunities.

JLU stands strong on the four pillars for all its academic decisions. These four pillars are:
1. Student Centric Approach
2. Interdisciplinary skill development
3. Intensive Industry exposure
4. Global Network Connect

One of the three core pillars at UCJC is interdisciplinary know-how. It is similar to the JLU’s core pillar (of the four) that also talks about interdisciplinary skill developments. Hence, the tie-up is done keeping in mind the promises both the universities have made with their students. JLU Bhopal is the only university in the region to have this collaboration with University Camilo José Cela (UCJC), Spain. Hence, it is taking steps in the direction that proves that it is the best private university in central India.

There are two campuses in University Camilo José Cela i.e. the main Villafranca campus and Almagro campus. Both these campuses are well equipped with academic and extra curricular infrastructure to support quality student life.

The JLU students who are interested can get in touch with their Program Heads or they can also get can in touch with the JLU Advancement & International Relations office at JLU SEH, Bhopal.

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