Aparna Jha -Batch 2017


My Vice Chancellor turned towards me and said “wow, you must be really popular, your friends are hooting so loud for you!” 2nd December 2017, one of the most important and memorable day of my life. I still recall my parents having tears of joy sitting in the audience and my friends cheering out full throated when I received my University Gold medal for Academic excellence during graduation.

I had always been an introvert. JLU was a dynamic and life transforming experience. Moving out of my comfort zone moulded me into a confident and independent individual, all credits to the faculties and the friendships that I had inculcated here. After giving my undivided attention to studies it was time to pursue my passion with sheer determination. From being a shy nerd to winning the title of Miss India International runner up in 2019, the journey has been beautiful. Presently, I work as a professional model, and worked with some prominent brands. But this journey isn’t a cakewalk; I have been rejected more than 100 times in auditions and finally landed my first Coke TVC with Ranbir Kapoor. I have embraced rejections through which I have grown as a person.

Aparna graduated after completing her BA (Hons) Journalism and Mass Communication from Jagran School of Journalism and Communication in 2017.

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