Buddy System

The buddy system at JLU is to enrich and support the lives of diverse students at JLU through various leadership, mentoring, and group activities. Our goal is to assist students in their transition into campus life and provide them with a network to encourage academic and social exploration. This program matches each freshman year participant with a mentor from the senior class based on similar academic and social backgrounds. The combination of one-on-one mentoring will support students as they grow and encourage them to contribute to the general Jagran Lakecity University community. The buddies experience will provide an opportunity to expand the student's view of the University and is an introduction to positive role models who have gone through similar experiences. Through friendship and guidance, the new students will develop a personal and professional relationship that supports their efforts toward a successful and productive transition to Jagran Lakecity University and beyond. The Buddies will pair up during the induction event at the beginning of the academic year, then meet regularly throughout each semester thereafter. The program office will host study breaks and other opportunities to help cultivate this relationship and acquaint students with university resources in order to stimulate their academic pursuits. We recommend that pairs interact a minimum of once a fortnight. Multiple pairs form family groups to foster additional relationships and promote cohesion, and ultimately cultivate an atmosphere of learning, growth, and lasting community for students.

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