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Social and BehaviourChange Communication uses communication strategies that are based on behaviour science to positively influence knowledge, attitudes and social norms among individuals, Institutions and communities. The Centre works in the areas of nutrition, sanitation, maternal health gender and environment, primarily deploying and understand communication frameworks, tools, formats and technologies.

The Centre also executes this vision through a mix of behaviour change programmes, in partnership with the state Governments Bilateral and global development organisations, Government of India and non-government organizations foundational research to improve the field's understanding of poor & marginalized communities, the channels to reach them and the content to engage them and capability building-bringing latest advances in behavioural science, design thinking, data science implementation science to design sharper inter ventions

The Centre works in the area of Knowledge Management, Capacity Strengthening, Research and Evaluation, Advocacy, Entertainment Education, Gender, Digital Health, Youth, Family Planning, Science Communication, Water & Hygiene and many more.


The Centre for Media Engagement at the Faculty of Journalism and Creative Studies, envisions a vibrant Indian news media that empower citizens to understand, appreciate and participate in the democratic exchange of ideas. It also works to expand the media literacy across platforms, mediums, various stakeholder groups and geographies Conducting original, ground-breaking research alongside newsrooms, social media platforms, and organizations looking to influence media practices.

We are a first-of-its-kind centre that conducts original, ground-breaking research alongside newsrooms, social media platforms, and organizations looking to influence media practices for the benefit of democracy. We translate our theoretically driven and methodologically rigorous research into tools and strategies that these same stakeholders and collaborators can employ for the greater good.

The Centre consists of faculty, staff, doctoral, graduate, and undergraduate researchers from Faculty of Journalism and Creative Studies and partner faculty from other disciplines across the country and around the world.

TheCentre for Media Engagement will expand its research focus to other areas of media while continuing to release high-impact research and tools designed to help news organizations achieve their commercial and democratic goals.


JLU WittyFeed Centre for New Media, is a global focal point for collaboration, research and advancement about content & new media, led by a highly trans-disciplinary community of professionals, academicians and practitioners from Faculty of Journalism and Creative Studies and WittyFeed from diverse expertise like Media, Journalism, Advertising & PR, Films, Animation & Media Technologies, Design, Entertainment & Event, Visual Communication design and UX & UI. Our mission is to critically analyze and help shape developments in content &new media from cross-disciplinary and global perspectives both in research as well as in practice. It should serve not only as a thinking & education plat form but work in a output driven practice mode too.

While new media often produce new perceptions, new behaviors, and new insights, they remain deeply rooted in powerful aesthetic, cultural, and political forces. As media transform, they often distort. The Centre actively engages practitioners &scholars who critically examine the opportunities and risks associated with new media and who consider how new media can constructively benefit education, political engagement, privacy, and aesthetic experience.

The Centre also catalyzes practice and innovations and feeds in to the existing industry via content development, education and consulting and at the same time nurtures future leaders, and facilitates public discourse through courses, lectures, symposia, and special events. It encourages open learning environment, entrepreneurial works, designs, and experiments. By reaching out to students, researchers, industry figures, and the broader public, the Centre has stimulated new perspectives on contemporary & popular content landscape & new media.


Impact4Nutrution (I4N) is the interface for strengthening engagement between the private sector with the Government and bi-lateral/development partners (including other initiative partners pan India) around the various aspects of nutrition in Madhya Pradesh. In line with this goal, both JLU & UNICEF along with the I4N platform have set up the I4N State Secretariat of Madhya Pradesh at Jagran Lakecity University. This State secretariat is part of the Impact4Nutrition network to engage the private sector on nutrition and is the first State Secretariat in India. The I4N secretariat also strives to create a multi partnership forum to support its larger goal of mobilizing private sector action for POSHAN Abhiyaan Jan Andolan. UNICEF provides technical support to the State Secretariat of Impact4Nutrition, built capacity of Secretariat and its partners on understanding on nutrition to help strengthen its work in the State.

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