Center Of Excellence In Paver Technology

Center for Pavement Excellence Asia Pacific Ltd (CPEAP) was established in Jan 2015 as one of the Centers of Excellence at Jagran Lakecity University (JLU), Bhopal. CPEAP is an independent academic and research center that is highly integrated with JLU-School of Engineering and Technology (SoET) and collaboration with RMIT University, Australia (Amount ~ Rs 36 Lac) to developing eco friendly pavement and vigorously pursuing pavement development research on various current aspects of civil engineering. CPEAP offers subgrade and pavement stabilization solutions encompassing geotechnical evaluation and pavement design options for a wide range of construction applications and pavement maintenance requirements. It can be a solution for upgrading standards, remedial applications and new construction.

  • Paver Stabilization enables stronger, faster construction than conventional gravel roads with lower whole of life costs
  • Services include soil analysis, pavement design, construction supervision and accreditation of designs
  • Consulting fees usually a negotiable percentage of the estimated construction cost for the project pavements
  • Training clients’ engineers and other practitioners in pavement stabilization standards and practices available.
  • Their vision is to provide data from real projects to academia in support of excellence in research and promote education in the principles of pavement stabilization.

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