Center of Teacher Training

Welcome to the JLU–JSWS Centre for Teacher Training at Jagran Lakecity University !!
Jagran Lakecity University has joined hands with Jagran Social Welfare Society to setup a centre for teacher training under JLU School of Education. This centre focuses on equipping students and professionals who are or aspire to be in the teaching profession.

The centre offers workshops, certificate and diploma program in the following areas:
  • Use of technology in modern teaching
  • Child psychology
  • Class handling
  • Academic content development
  • Assessment & feedback
  • Academic leadership

The centre can also provide need based customise trainings for teachers and professionals.

Chairperson: Dr Yasmin Ghani Khan, Principal, JLU School of Education

If you would like more details about Centre’s activity please contact Dr Yasmin Ghani Khan, Chairperson, JLU – JSWS Centre for Teacher Training:

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