Extra-Curricular Activities

JLU understands the need and importance of recreation for its students and staff. With a student centric approach in mind, JLU celebrates all major festivals (Diwali, Holi, Christmas etc) and events of national importance on campus. The students get the opportunity to organize, monitor and partake in these events and hostellers get to experience the homely feeling. At the last Saturday of every month, the hostellers get together to host a common birthday party for all students, where there is a DJ and refreshments from the university.

JLU also organizes the SUNBURN festival and multiple feasts like photography competitions, Sports tournaments, dance & singing competitions, art exhibitions, food festivals, indoor games tournaments, where the university is open for all the artists and enthusiasts to come and display their talents.

Winners are handsomely rewarded with cash prizes and certificates but more importantly they get an opportunity to showcase their arts in a competitive environment and get appreciated for it.

Some Annual and Biennial events at JLU
  • Ethnicity
  • JLU League- Sports tournament in campus
  • Natyashala- Theatre and Dance Workshop
  • Scavenger Hunt- Treasure Hunt with Prizes
  • Master Click- Photography Competition
  • JLU Intra University Open Cricket Tournament

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