Journalism piece written by our students in Times of India


Its always a pleasure to read journalism pieces written by our students from the Jagran School of Journalism and Communication.

These student professionals multitask big time …deep dive into academics and test their skills on work in industry, manifesting the practice-based pedagogy that school follows.

Aishwarya Shrivastav who is pursuing her degree in MA (Journalism) Year 1 recently wrote the article in Time Of India Bhopal Edition … proud of you !!


Jagran Lakecity University’s Faculty of Journalism and Creative Studies epitomizes the pursuance of an intrepid vision of influencing and impacting the way the world connects. The Faculty is an interdisciplinary center that combines a variety of fields and experiential learning on a modern and expansive campus.

By combining state-of-the-art Shri Gurudev Gupta production and design studios with creative inspiration, we push the boundaries of creative exploration. As a result, we empower students to become the creative leaders of tomorrow.

Our envious industry and global partnerships help us share values, knowledge, and creativity for the common good. We all firmly believe that the visual arts, design, films, aesthetics, and technology are fundamental for humanity, critical for community, and essential for prosperity.

The Faculty has four schools, which offer a myriad of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs to provide our students with a comprehensive foundation in relevant fields. We invite you to explore the incredible ecosystem for the study of journalism, advertising and public relations, film, animation, and design at the Faculty of Journalism and Creative Studies.

The Jagran School of Journalism & Communication aims to be the catalyst of an ecosystem where big ideas are encouraged and converted into defining changes and better stories. The School seeks to understand communication, information, and media processes, behavioral change, organizations, and technologies as they affect individuals, societies, brands, and the relationships among them.

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