Lavanya Rana of B.A. (J&MC)secured an ‘A’ grade in the Cambridge Assessment English’s Business Higher exam


Jagran Lakecity University, keeps the development of its students at the forefront and appreciates the students’ achievements.

These achievements are not only limited to academics, but also Co and Extra-Curricular activities.

Language proficiency is one such domain that opens multiple doors across various fields for the students.

We are thrilled to announce that Ms Lavanya Rana of B.A. (J&MC) Final Year at Jagran School of Journalism and Communication, Faculty of Journalism and Creative Studies, at Jagran Lakecity University has secured an ‘A’ grade in the Cambridge Assessment English’s Business Higher exam.

We congratulate her and wish her a resounding success in her career and hope she achieves many more feats!

Here is what she has to say about this achievement:

“Only those who are prepared to work hard can fully enjoy the benefits of the opportunities presented to them. One such opportunity that was presented to me was giving the C1 Business Higher Exam. This is a qualification that is provided by the Cambridge Assessment organisation and is a very reputable English Language exam that is accepted worldwide by several organisations as proof of fluency in the English language. Luckily for me, the only centre for giving this exam in Madhya Pradesh is the Centre for Professional Skills at Jagran Lakecity University. Throughout the process, from registering for the exam to giving the exam, the professors of Centre for Professional Skills were there to help – Whether it was to practice a skill for the exam, or tips on how to prepare for the exam. On the day of the exam the process was very smooth, with no technological or logistical hiccups which can often make a candidate feel nervous or stressed. I feel more confident in my English Language skills after giving this exam and I am excited to explore the several opportunities that this has opened up for me.”

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