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Name: Ms.Rini Paulose
Student ID: 2016PHET002
School: School of Engineering and Technology
Number of Publications: 8
PhD. Thesis Title: Studies on Carbon nanotubes and Metal Oxide based Hybrid Nanocomposite as an Electrode Material for Energy Storage Applications
Publications: 1.Aricle Title: An Efficient Electrochemical Performance of Fe2O3/CNT Nanocomposite Coated Dried Lagenariasiceraria shell Electrode for Electrochemical Capacitor
Journal: Ceramics International (IF 3.057)
Volume: 44
Issue: 9
Page: 10990-10993
Year: 2018
Abstract:α-Fe2O3/CNT nanocomposite was successfully synthesised via in-situ co-precipitation method. The structural properties were studied by X-ray diffraction (XRD), Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS). The nanocomposite was uniformly coated on dried shell of Lagenariasiceraria (LS) and directly used as the working electrode for electrochemical investigation. It was found that the as-prepared Fe2O3/CNT-LS electrode exhibited high capacity, better cycling stability and rate capability. This improved performance was attributed to the spongy, fibrous and networking structure of Lagenariasiceraria dried shell, which allowed fast diffusion of electrolyte ions and structural stability. This Fe2O3/CNT-LS electrode can be promising candidate for energy storage applications.
Keywords: Fe2O3/CNT; Lagenariasiceraria; XRD; TEM; XPS; Electrochemical testing;

2. Article title:Hybrid MnO2/CNT nanocomposite sheet with enhanced electrochemical performance via surfactant-free wet chemical route
Journal: Ionics (IF 2.347)
Volume: 23
Issue: 11
Page: 3245-3248
Year: 2017
Abstract: In this work, manganese dioxide (MnO2) were grown onto the surface of multi-walled carbon nanotubes (CNT) forming nanocomposite binder-free sheet, employing wet chemical synthesis method. The structural analysis and morphology of as-synthesised MnO2/CNT-NS (nanocomposite sheet) was characterised using X-ray diffraction, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and transmission electron microscopy techniques. Moreover, the electrochemical behaviour of nanocomposite sheet was investigated and it showed high specific capacity of 910.2 F/g and high cyclic stability which was ascribed to its hybrid structure which have benefits of both the high capacity of MnO2 and high conductivity of CNT. This nanocomposite sheet can be a promising electrode material for energy storage devices.
Keywords: MnO2/CNT; Nanocomposite; XRD; XPS; TEM; Electrochemical behaviour

Name: Katyayani Singh
Student ID: 20113 PHPS001
School: School of Humanities
Number of Publications: 5
PhD. Thesis Title: Nonkilling and Global Peace: A Study of Emerging Paradigms and Prospects
Publications: 1.Paper: A Global Nonkilling Index as a Critical Measure of Human Development and Progress
Journal: International Journal on World Peace, Volume XXXV, September 2018
ISSN: 07423640
Abstract:The paper fosters a “nonkilling” world view in contrast to “nonviolence” as a path to universal peace. Nonkilling as infinite reverence to life is measurable and achievable and can be targeted to measure human development and progress. The present paper is an approach to developing an index based on critical elements, scientific rationale, and dispassionate analysis of country specific characteristics such as homicide, suicide, battle related deaths, internal armed conflict deaths and also capital punishment. The data is obtained from reliable sources that are transparent and verifiable. It is recommended by the authors that a Global Nonkilling Index to promote Affirmative Nonkilling can be an important measure for human progress and development.
Keywords:Nonkilling, Peace, Index.

2.Paper: A Reflection on “The Prince” by Machiavelli: The Role of the Classic in Relation to Human Dignity
Abstract: Political philosophies tend to influence not just the leaders but the followers as well. Those philosophies which infringe upon the dignity and rights of people need to be depreciated so that they do not provide a justification for inhumane practices that violates the dignity of individuals. An effort has been made in this paper to explore the political ideas of the realists by means of uncovering the ideas of Machiavelli in his famous work “The Prince”. Its practical application in the contemporary society and its effects have been observed by various nation states that are highly appreciative of the realist attitude in solving political problems. This is a qualitative paper which tends to highlight, that political philosophies may not guide the ruler or governments as such but they do provide a justification for the attitude adopted by the ruler or government. With the changing times where it has become a principle and precept to respect all human beings, literatures, texts and philosophy that glorifies inhumane practices should be depreciated and criticized as being the philosophy of an uncivilized bygone period.
Keywords: : Machiavelli, Power, Human Dignity.

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