Women Cell

Jagran Lakecity University follows a zero-tolerance policy on campus for gender-based violence and harassment. Following the directives of UGC for the creation of a healthy environment and to check sexual harassment of women, a Women Cell is established in the University. Right from the beginning, the Cell, besides looking after the complaints and the cases of sexual harassment, has been actively organizing many programs which aim towards enhancing the self-confidence, spirit, and morale of the female students, teachers, and employees of the university. The committee members of the Women Cell are:

  • Dr. Yasmin Ghani Khan, Associate Professor (Chairman)
  • Dr. Shobha Bharadwaj, Associate Professor
  • Dr. Vandana Rathore, Associate Professor
  • Urvashi Shrivastava, Assistant Professor
  • Sumedha Sharma, Assistant Professor

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