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Jagran Lakecity Business School

Jagran Lakecity Business School is committed to bringing international benchmarked quality in management education at a surprisingly affordable cost to its students.

We pride on offering rich internationally benchmarked academic content such as Harvard cases, articles, business simulation, access to online courses and video lectures from world leading institutes, faculty, business leaders, online book bank from international publishers, and add on courses with CMA and ACCA.

Like global B schools, we follow true choice based curricula. You will have flexibility to choose courses you want leading to specializations, major or minor in areas such as HR, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Analytics etc.

We match pedagogical approaches with the needs of a course. They range from case based discussion, to blended learning and flipped classrooms. Experiential components involve business simulations, real life assignments, industry visits, internships, industry immersion and global exchange programmes.

Our advisory board boasts of global and Indian academics and industry practitioners. Our faculty regular, visiting and guests come equipped with international academic and industry experience.

It is not a surprise that we are increasingly placing our students with top companies and many more recruiters are interested in visiting us. And producing entrepreneurs who add value to their family businesses.

Partnerships & MOU

Why Us

  • Quality: International benchmark quality in management education  
  • Academic Rigor: Quality of curriculum, pedagogy, exam, academic discipline and focus.
  • Flexibility: Build your own programme via true choice based credit system, and earn specialization/major(s)/minor(s).   
  • Resources: Harvard cases, online book bank, simulation, and faulty with international academic and corporate experience.
  • Global Partnerships and Add ons: e.g. CMA (IMA USA), ACCA (UK), E&Y, CBU (USA), UCL (UK), WF (USA), HTWG (Germany), HBPS Online Courses (USA), UL (UK). 
  • Experiential Components: Industry interaction, global exposure, internships, industry immersion, business simulation, live projects.   
  • Infra: Beautiful campus, rich infrastructure, access to university resources, life on campus and Bhopal as a location.
  • Focus on Executive Functioning Skills: a vital component for employability, entrepreneurial and managerial success.   
  • Placement: Increasingly top notch firms as recruiters. Current highest package is of INR 12 lacs and average package is of 4.5L plus. 
  • RoI: Unprecedented Value for Money 

Recent Awards of JLBS

Members Board of Studies

Prof. (Dr.) Ashish Kumar
Associate Dean, Faculty of Management and Commerce,
Director, Jagran Lakecity Business School

Dr. Ashutosh Verma
Prof. of Finance IIFM Bhopal. India

Mr. Animesh Jain
Director, RM Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.,
RMJ Agencies Pvt. Ltd. and RMJ Motors Pvt. Ltd.

Dr. Shubhbrata Basu
Associate Professor of Management. Head PGPX IIM Indore

Prof. Diwakar Shukla
Dean - Faculty of Journalism and Creative Studies

Mr. Mohan Krishnan
Managing member, TPCKI, Member, TPS, Consultant, IMRB, Member, CMEE, Advisor, Anixta, Founder, Jigyasa

Prof. Abhijit Biswas
Mentor Financial Service and Business, iNurture

Dr. B Padmapriya
Associate Professor, Jagran Lakecity Business School

Dr. Ankush Sharma
Associate Professor, Jagran Lakecity Business School

Dr. Dinesh Gupta
Associate Professor, Jagran Lakecity Business School

Dr. Priyanka Nema
Associate Professor, Jagran Lakecity Business School

Dr. Priyanka Rawal
Assistant Professor, Jagran Lakecity Business School

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