JLU Signs MOU with Design Academy

JLU Signs MOU with Design Academy

JLU Signs MOU with Design Academy

Creative Studies in central India is witnessing a huge change with technology & creativity converging into one. Similarly, distribution enablers like mobile devices are omnipresent as well as the content economy are on exponential drive. As a result, opportunities are growing and making it the best time for creative careers. The audiences are in control and opportunities are abound. What we need to provide an enthusiastic mind is a slight push in the right direction. Jagran Lakecity University is making sure that it provides such nurturing environment for Creative Studies in central India.

Moveover, to build the future of creative economy, the Faculty of Journalism and Creative studies at Jagran Lakecity University has collaborated with some of the top creative resources, Universities and industry leaders. This is to elevate its marque programmes like Bachelor of Digital Filmmaking, Animation and Vfx.

MOU signed to provide the best opportunties for Creative Studies in central India

With these thoughts, Jagran Lakecity University signed an MoU with Design Academy. The ceremony happened in the presence of Shri Ashish Kulkarni, FICCI AVCG and Mr. Sathish Narayanan, both leaders of the Creative Studies industry. This partnership shall help students in multifarious ways including access to the biggest film, animation and vfx projects. Besides this, they will get access to world class professional creative studios, professionals mentors and relevant career opportunities.

The Faculty of Journalism and Creative Studies at Jagran Lakecity University understand the importance of practice based curriculum. In addition to the globally benchmarked curriculum, all these academic and industry collaborations are making sure that students get enough opportunities. As a result, the students become future ready and they settle in the professional world with ease.

Another equally important fact is that Shri Gurudev Gupta Media Production Studios of the university played host to the first meeting of members of the newly formed AVCG Association at Central India. The Shri Gurudev Gupta Media Studios houses the best labs, studios and screening rooms for Creative Studies in Central India.The session witnessed industry leaders coming together to discuss on ways to build the creative ecosystem in central India.

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