Faculty of Hospitality & Allied Sciences

The faculty of Hospitality and Allied Sciences has two schools under its name - JLU School of Hospitality and Tourism and the Jagran School Of Sports Science & Physical Education.

The School of Hospitality and Tourism attains one of the top positions in hospitality management schools in the country.

  • Learn from the industry experts - Students have the opportunity to learn from some of the biggest experts in the industry. Our faculty's expertise and international experience have a major part in enabling students to learn from a broader perspective.
  • Interpersonal and social skills - The School pays high importance to improve students/learners’ interpersonal and social skills to ensure they benefit from it in the long run of their professional and personal journey.
  • Vocational training programs - The School have set up several training programs for students including 22 weeks of mandatory industrial training, field visits to top hotels, fairs and vineyards.
  • Various competitions [National and International], seminars and conferences are held to provide students with knowledge about the practical and theoretical aspects of hospitality and tourism.

The School of Sports Science and Physical Education offers an undergraduate and a postgraduate program each designed while keeping in mind the needs and requirements of a student wishing to go ahead and build a career in Sports Science and Physical Education.

Our strong interdisciplinary approach to teaching and research ensures vocationally relevant, applied and authentic education for all. Moreover, our National and International partnerships are curated keeping in mind the best interests of our students and their professional lives ahead.

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