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Jagran Lakecity University is a research-oriented university that regards the creation of knowledge as one of its fundamental missions. At JLU, we are committed to excellence in research and moreover in ensuring that our research contributes to the well-being of the society.

The Faculty and students are actively engaged in research activities in various fields including Law, Media, Communication, Management, Economics, Humanities, and Hospitality. Our research cell along with our global partners has created a collaborative environment. With outstanding resources, this places JLU at the forefront of knowledge creation and application of research outcomes to address the real world’s challenges.

There are two types of research programmes at JLU :

Ph.D. Programme for Working Professionals:

Jagran Lakecity University proposes to launch a Ph.D. program focussed on Senior level working professionals. Those in the corporate world would often like to link their work experience to the theoretical knowledge and developments in the discipline. A Ph.D. program allows a professional to dive deep into the world of theoretical knowledge and locate their work experience in that broader context.

Last date of application submission: 15th May 2021
Entrance Exam (JLURET): 29th May 2021
Interview for JLURET and NET/ SLET/ GATE: June - Second week
Coursework Starting Session: 21st June 2021

Generic Ph.D. Programme:

The University has a doctoral programme in the fields of Law, Media and Communication, Management, Commerce & Economics, Humanities & Arts, Hospitality and Tourism, and Engineering and Technology.

Last date of application submission: 31th May 2021
Entrance Exam (JLURET): 12th June 2021
Interview for JLURET and NET/ SLET/ GATE: June - Forth week
Coursework Starting Session: 15st July 2021

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