Our Faculty Members

Faculty of Management & Commerce

Name of the Teacher Designation
Prof. (Dr.) P.K.Biswas Dean of Research & Quality Initiatives / Faculty of Management & Commerce
Dr. Rahul Pandey Associate Professor & Head
Dr. Sarvesh Mohania Associate Professor
Dr. B Padmapriya Associate Professor
Dr. Ankush Sharma Associate Professor
Dr. Priyanka Nema Associate Professor
Dr. Ashish Khare Assistant Professor(SG)
Dr. Mohammad Iftekhar Khan Assistant Professor(SG)
Dr. Priyanka Rawal Assistant Professor(SG)
Dr. Chandra Shekhar Upadhyay Assistant Professor(SG)
Dr. Rahila Ali Assistant Professor(SG)
Dr. Deepal Mehrotra Assistant Professor(SG)
Mr. Nikhil Maheshwari Assistant Professor(G-II)
Dr. Shruti Sinha Assistant Professor(G-II)
Dr. Kashif Beg Assistant Professor(G-II)
Mrs. Jasmin Khare Assistant Professor(G-II)
Dr. Amrin Noor Assistant Professor(G-II)
Mr. Raghuraj Singh Rajput Assistant Professor(G-II)
Ms. Deepshikha Agrawal Pushp Assistant Professor(G-I)
Dr. Mohammed Zeeshan Khan Assistant Professor(G-I)
Ms. Shailja Pandey Assistant Professor(G-I)
Ms. Sharon Alice Knox Assistant Professor(G-I)
Mrs. Parul Atri Assistant Professor(G-I)
Ms. Nikita Yadav Assistant Professor(G-I)
CA Pawan Popli Visiting Faculty
Mr. Niranjan Mudliar Visiting Faculty
CS Prachi Maheshwari Visiting Faculty
Ms. Shalu Pandey Visiting Faculty
Ms. Pallavi Singh Visiting Faculty
Mr. Vikram Sharma Visiting Faculty
Dr. Ritu Vashistha Visiting Faculty
Mr. Irfan Ullah Khan Visiting Faculty
Mrs. Pragya Diwedi Kothari Visiting Faculty
Ms. Priyamvada Singh Visiting Faculty
Mr. Sanjay Kumar Singh Visiting Faculty
Mr. Shobhit Saxena Visiting Faculty
Ms. Shreya Bhagwat Visiting Faculty

Faculty of Law

Name of the Teacher Designation
Dr. Deevanshu Shrivastava Associate Professor & Head - Faculty of Law
Dr. Sachin Rastogi Professor
Dr.Vikas Gupta Professor
Dr. Anita Ladha Associate Professor
Dr.Yash Tiwari Assistant Professor(SG)
Mr.Abhishek Kumar Jain Assistant Professor(G-II)
Dr. Apoorva Dixit Assistant Professor(G-II)
Mr.Omkareshwar Pathak Assistant Professor(G-II)
Ms. Ongmula Bhutia Assistant Professor(G-II)
Dr. Katyayani Singh Assistant Professor(G-II)
Mr.Rohit Mishra Assistant Professor(G-I)
Ms. Somya Khare Assistant Professor(G-I)
Dr. Ipshita Bhattacharya Assistant Professor(G-I)
Ms.Saumya Shaji Assistant Professor(G-I)
Ms. Diksha Das Assistant Professor(G-I)
Mr.Ayushmaan Vatsh Assistant Professor(G-I)
Ms. Mitali Kori Assistant Professor(G-I)
Ms. Anjuli Thawait Assistant Professor(G-I)
Ms. Apoorva Agrawal Assistant Professor(G-I)
Mr. Vishesh Dahiya Assistant Professor(G-I)
Ms. Divya Jauhri Assistant Professor(G-I)
Mr. Mohd Aadil Yar Chaudhary Assistant Professor(G-I)
Ms. Aakansha Kumar Uchariya Assistant Professor(G-I)
Mr. Rishi Bhargava Assistant Professor(G-I)
Ms. Ayushi Shrivastava Assistant Professor(G-I)
Mr.Saif Hussain Assistant Professor(G-I)
Mr. Harpreet Singh Gupta Assistant Professor (Adjunct)
Mr.Aditya Chhajed Visiting Faculty

Faculty of Journalism & Creative Studies

Name of the Teacher Designation
Prof. Diwakar Shukla Dean - Faculty of Journalism & Creative Studies
Dr. Swati Jaywant Rao Bute Associate Professor
Ms. Noopur Tiwari Associate Professor
Mr. Yogesh Patel Assistant Professor(G-II)
Dr. Shivendra Kumar Mishra Assistant Professor(G-II)
Ms. Soni Yadav Assistant Professor(G-II)
Mr. Anshul Jain Assistant Professor(G-II)
Dr. Mohammad Aamir Pasha Assistant Professor(G-II)
Dr. Sourabh Meshram Assistant Professor (G-I)
Ms. Aishwarya Singh Assistant Professor (G-I)
Mr. Sourav Chattopadhyay Assistant Professor (G-I)
Ms. Bhawana Jain Assistant Professor (G-I)
Ms. Madhu Toppo Assistant Professor (G-I)
Ms. Deepali Gour Assistant Professor (G-I)
Ms. K Reethu Kumari Assistant Professor (G-I)
Mr. Ravindra Shankar Roy Visiting Faculty
Mr. Pravesh Mehra Visiting Faculty
Mr. Akash Aryans Shrivastava Visiting Faculty
Mr. Vikas Singh Visiting Faculty
Mr. Janak Bhatt Visiting Faculty
Dr. Mahtab Alam Visiting Faculty
Mr. Bhanu Pratap Singh Kirar Visiting Faculty
Dr. Anu Sehgal Visiting Faculty

Faculty of Liberal Arts and Humanities

Name of the Teacher Designation
Prof.(Dr.) Shailaja Shastri Adjunct Professor - Faculty of Liberal Arts and Humanities
Dr. Ruchi Sharma Professor
Dr. Rolii Ajay Khare Associate Professor
Dr. Reena Singh Rajput Associate Professor
Dr. Anshika Makhijani Associate Professor
Dr. Suman Swati Assistant Professor(SG)
Dr. Shubhangi Rajesh Khambayat Assistant Professor(G-II)
Dr. Deepika Jain Assistant Professor(G-II)
Dr. Solat Iqbal Khan Assistant Professor(G-II)
Dr. Isha Chaudhary Assistant Professor(G-II)
Mr. Raghuraj Khullar Assistant Professor(G-II)
Mr. Adhip Jain Assistant Professor (G-I)
Ms. Priya Sharma Assistant Professor (G-I)
Ms. Smriti Panjwani Assistant Professor (G-I)

Faculty of Architecture & Engineering

Name of the Teacher Designation
Prof. (Dr.) Rupinder Singh Dean - Faculty of Architecture & Engineering
Dr. Dileep Kumar Singh Associate Professor & Head
Ms. Gayatri Ashish Mohadarkar Assistant Professor (G-II)
Dr. Vandana Rathore Associate Professor
Dr. Shweta Singh Assistant Professor(SG)
Mrs. Sweta Gupta Assistant Professor (G-II)
Mr. Neeraj Sharma Assistant Professor (G-II)
Ms. Akrati Sharma Assistant Professor(G-I)
Mrs. Anjali Nighoskhar Assistant Professor(G-I)
Mr. Puneet Gurbani Assistant Professor(G-I)
Mr. Atul Kumar Gupta Assistant Professor(G-I)
Mr. Shivendra Dubey Assistant Professor(G-I)
Mr. Himanshu Singh Visiting Faculty
Ms. Zoha Khan Visiting Faculty
Mr. Papil Manna Visiting Faculty

Faculty of Hospitality & Allied Sciences

Name of the Teacher Designation
Prof. Ajay Kumar Singh Professor & Head - Faculty of Hospitality & Allied Sciences
Dr. Harshvardhan Dave Associate Professor & Head
Dr. Anant Kumar Verma Assistant Professor(G-II)
Mr. Chandrakant Divakar Assistant Professor(G-II)
Dr. Mohammad Shoaib Khan Assistant Professor(G-II)
Mr. Aman Kumar Hamilton Assistant Professor(G-I)
Ms. Meghna Raizada Assistant Professor(G-I)
Mr. Vishal Valuskar Assistant Professor(G-I)
Ms. Krittika Verma Assistant Professor(G-I)
Ms. Neelam Raghuwashi Assistant Professor(G-I)
Ms. Meena Raghuwansi Visiting Faculty
Ms. Deepika Kannojiya Visiting Faculty

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