Food Facilities at JLU

Nutritious, balanced diet is very critical to learning, and hence at JLU Campuses, we make sure that there is always something healthy and delicious to suit every student's taste which is hygienic and freshly prepared. We are doing this as part of our mission to be student centric, and not just as a part of daily operations. Students have to make the best use of time and thus, eat on the go; our facilities accommodate these needs so that the students don’t need to compromise on their meals.

JLU regularly hosts food festivals and events that appeal to every palette and are amazing to socialize and make new friends. Food is nourishment for our bodies and a lot more than that, so we have facilitated the students to take the time to enjoy it.

5 Food Outlets

Global Cuisines

Lively Eating Space

Food Festivals

Mess facility

The University’s dining hall through its modern kitchen and a seating capacity for 180 people is designed to cater students & staff with hygienically cooked, mouthwatering dishes. The hostilities indulge in nutritious food 4 times a day and the mess will not let you miss your home cooked meal. The best part about the mess at Jagran Lakecity University is that the student committee along with faculty members decides the menu for every semester. So, when students and administrators join hands to improve the food on campus, mess is no longer a monotonous place with boring food.

Food Courts

For the foodies, our campus has a lively eating space, called ‘APPETITE’. It has 5 food outlets where you can indulge yourself in the delightful cuisines from around the globe. Food is an opportunity for a university to define its culture and APPETITE is really that - a melting point for the entire university to come, sit together as one single community and enjoy the food.


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