Centres For Research And Development at Jagran School Of Public Policy

In the public policy domain, it is extremely essential for an individual to keep pace with the rapidly changing trends of society and industry. With the aim of promoting growth of intensive research, analysis and study in the critical areas of public policy, JSPP has established dedicated centers


Centre for Agricultural and Food Security Policies and Research (CAFSPR)

The rights of agriculturists and food security are two major concerns in the era of rapid industrialization. Public investment in agriculture has declined steadily and the policy approach toward the sector has been piecemeal. The focus of CAFSPR is on initiating extensive deliberations and systematic research in order to shape policy decisions and come up with pragmatic solutions to the problems of agriculture and food security.


Centre for Climate Change and sustainable development (CCCSD)

Climate change is the most significant challenge to achieving sustainable development, and it threatens to drag millions of people into grinding poverty. CCCSD focuses its attention on the extensive study and research on the issue of climate change and environmental challenges. The aim is to bring about policy formulations that help in building an efficacious framework to combat climate change and ensure sustainable growth at a global level.


Centre for Good Governance and Policy Reforms (CGGPR)

Good governance emerged as a powerful idea in today's progressive global community. Prominent international agencies like World Bank, UNDP, OECD, ADB, etc. have realized that it is a citizen-friendly, citizen-caring, accountable and responsive administration. CGGPR aims to conduct intensive deliberations and research to promote and diffuse the idea of good governance across various levels of governance. The Centre also aims to work closely with policy-makers like Ministers, senior officials, institutions and other stakeholders.


Centre for Organized and Unorganized Sectors, Policy and Research

The unorganized sector has largely remained outside the control of the government. The unorganized sector's contribution to the economy is quite considerable and a policy framework to safeguard their interests and rights is necessary. This The Centre focuses on conducting intensive research in the field of organized and unorganized labour. Through various instruments such as seminars, workshops and conferences, this Centre aims to bring ground-breaking policy changes in this said field


Centre for Strategic Studies and Global Development (CSSGD)

Conflict and strategies studies and related studies have been an important domain for some decades. CSSGD is focused on coming up with effective suggestions to ignite a discourse on strategic issues so as to enhance India's global presence. This will be done with a qualitative analysis of past, present and potential strategies for developing relevant policy documents.


Centre for Global Nonkilling and Peace (CGNKP)


The Centre for Global Nonkilling aims to foster research and studies that recognizes different forms of killings that occur in society such as homicide, genocide, mass killings, suicide, ecocide, state killings by means of war or death penalty. The centre aims to inculcate humanistic as well as rational and scientific temperament in the students by exposing to a variety of beliefs, ideologies, practices, and institutions that have been instrumental in killing as well as in nonkilling activities.

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