Peace and Nonkilling in The World’s Religions

Peace and Nonkilling in The World’s Religions
Starts from: January 14, 2022
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This course will cover teachings and practices of the world’s main religions in relation to theories of peace, war, and non-killing. Which of them advocate non-violence? Which of them have specific teachings on conflict resolution and war prevention in their holy scriptures ? How does history judge their behaviour over the centuries ? How many deaths have their followers been responsible for in mathematical estimates and how can the paradigm of non-killing replace the idea that “God wants killing” which is even now governing the mind set of some religious leaders, sadly. Our approach will combine cutting edge religious studies as well as political science, and the course should be of direct general interest to all students of current affairs, law, political science, philosophy, community relations at the university as well as more widely afield.

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