Namgay Dorji – Batch 2020

Namgay-Dorji – JLU Alumni from Bhutan

JLU Alumni from Bhutan who was a student of Faculty of Law Secures 4th Position in the Royal Civil Services, Bhutan

At JLU Bhopal, we are one big transnational family. Every day is a celebration of the limitless potential of our students. We at JLU believe in the ultimate power of unity and embracing the beauty of diversity.

One of our alumnus Namgay Dorji, natively from Bhutan, has excelled in the Royal Civil Services Exam (RCSE) ranking 4th nationally!

Graduated from JLU’s School of Law batch  2015-20, Namgay, JLU alumni from Bhutan has always been a promising student. He was the President of JLU’s Bhutanese Student Association—actively participating in co-curricular activities and organizing cultural programs such as the birth anniversary of His Majesty, Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, the fifth President of Bhutan in 2019. JLU gives the student a platform to shine on their own by giving them the authority to coordinate events and learn real-world skills.

JLU awarded Namgay with the Chancellor’s Scholarship at the university, along with his rich academic portfolio, he bestowed an honor on the freeship by making us proud. Jagran Lakecity University always holds the light for our students to get the most out of their years with us and their talents. The faculty guides the students towards the path that is best for them during in-class lectures and individual conversations with students. Success is tailor-made.

Coming from a country known for adopting the concept of Gross National Happiness, on the International Day of Happiness 2021, Namgay expressed his belief in the importance of perceiving happiness as a collective goal and not just an individual responsibility. As he stated, social service and philanthropy is the ultimate source of his happiness. At JLU, our curriculum and co-curricular are designed to keep students connected via group activities and Social Welfare clubs.

As a university, JLU understands the role our institution plays in the holistic development of these young leaders. We promote such intellectual conversations amongst all of our students to help them expand their horizons and get a taste of cultures apart from theirs alone. We love how we have an abundance of philanthropic leaders of tomorrow at the university.

We take great pride in our students, promoting values that help our students and alumni become world-class human beings.

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