Our Vision and Pillars


Jagran Lakecity University aspires to be a university of distinction where creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship are cultivated, through a practice-based pedagogy, giving an impetus to our belief in nurturing leaders of the future who have honesty, vision, and fortitude to shape all spheres of human existence by thinking globally but acting locally.


Primarily the university stands on four key pillars which are at the center of everything we do:

At JLU students are at the center of all that we undertake. We ensure that we put the interests of the students first, acknowledging their voice as central to the learning experience. The management continuously seeks feedback from students about their experiences at JLU and understands their expectations from the university with respect to their learning agenda. We work on this like equal partners who jointly partake in their personal as well mutual growth. The university has a strong mechanism of class representatives who represent the larger student community of their classes. This leadership opportunity also presents to the students a starting block for becoming young leaders who work with the university management in designing policies and processes while keeping their interests at the forefront.

The university follows an interdisciplinary approach to learning allowing the students to synthesize ideas and characteristics from many disciplines into a unique amalgam. This helps address individual differences amongst students and develops important and key transferable skills in them. Through our system of cross electives, the students get an opportunity to build on their degree program based on their specific areas of interests and choice. For instance, a student primarily studying management can also opt for electives from law or design depending on their interest. Jagran Lakecity University has also ensured that through its dedicated “Skills for Professionals”, each student is exposed to a set of future skills that go beyond just reading, writing, and speaking, and helps them to be better prepared for their desired profession by the end of their degree with us.

Jagran Lakecity University believes that bridging the gap between academia and industry is of utmost importance and there is no better way to do this by setting up degree programs in joint consultation with industry leaders. Today, JLU offers more than 15 such degree programs which are in close collaboration with industry leaders like KPMG, National Stock Exchange, Wizcraft, Taxmann, ACCA, CIMA, and Imagine XP to name a few. These degree programs not only expose students to what is relevant to the industry but also gives an opportunity to the industry stalwarts to immerse themselves into the academic process right from the designing of a degree to specialist interactions with students on a day to day basis for either the entire length of the program or for specific areas.

Since its inception, Jagran Lakecity University has carefully built-in components of global exposure in all the programs offered at undergraduate and postgraduate level. With the world looking towards India, it’s an important aspect which needs to be taken care of and graduating students need to be sensitized about things happening across the globe. Our initiatives such as connected classrooms (where students from our partnering university work with students at JLU on the same project), credited electives from international universities, international teaching months, short exchange programs for both faculty and students, semester exchanges and summer schools are some of the ways in which we have been able to globally expose our students.

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