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Jagran Lakecity University envisions being the best practice-based university in the country and has a student-centric approach at its core. Keeping the vision and the four pillars in mind, the marvelous campus of Jagran Lakecity University has been built with the approach to facilitate learning in the best possible way. The 14 academic blocks of Jagran Lakecity University are designed to give students a comprehensive learning experience. JLU has 125+ Classrooms, 50+ Labs, 4 Auditoriums, 28000 sq. ft. Library and 8 Conference Halls & GD Rooms. At full capacity, the academic infrastructure can accommodate up to 5000 learners at once. The 232-acre campus surrounded by sprawling greenery encapsulates the academic facilities and enhances the overall learning experience of youngsters. Teaching, Learning, and conducting research with the best and brightest students and members of faculty requires an academic infrastructure that measures up to international standards and JLU delivers exactly that.


Jagran Lakecity University is a practice based university at its core and understands the importance of hands on experience for a smooth transition from a classroom to a workplace. This process of successful transition to the workplace is not complete without thorough theoretical knowledge. JLU aligns all its initiatives as per its student centric approach.Classrooms turn out to be the sanctums where most theoretical learning happens, either though books, presentations, lectures or JLU’s fully enabled digital infrastructure.

JLU has 122 classrooms situated in 9 academic blocks, which are divided amongst its 5 faculties and are designed, allocated and maintained as per the specific requirements of every school. While operating at maximum capacity, these classrooms collectively can seat over 4277 learners at once.

Classrooms at JLU are ergonomically designed to ease the knowledge flow so that students can have lively learning experience. The classrooms are aesthetically planned to optimize acoustics and reduce every external noise, the lecturer feels comfortable in delivering the concepts while students’ concentration can be focused on grasping the lecture.


  • Tier classroom- JLU currently maintains 36 tiered classrooms which are suitable for large audiences. Students can comfortably look at the board or the screens while being totally engaged in the lecture. By 2022, JLU will be adding 12 more classrooms, taking the totally tally to 48.

  • Fixed Furniture Classrooms- In the digital delivery of lectures the students tend to carry laptop, tabs or other devices to make notes and use the online resources. Keeping this need in mind, 14 fixed furniture classrooms are available for students’ utilization. The desks have plugs and charging ports which help students carry laptops with ease.

  • Portable Furniture Classrooms- JLU being a practice based university, expects its students to engage in regular brainstorming sessions, thus 60 assorted portable furniture classrooms are designed to let the students interact in a productive, meaningful and ergonomic way.


Jagran Lakecity University gives utmost priority is given to the safety and wellbeing of our students. Being a global league institute, JLU has thousands of students on campus and hundreds in hostel and so we understand the importance of being prepared for medical needs.

The clinic at JLU is made exactly with the psyche to be prepared for any and every incident. A medical professional is available 24x7 at the clinic to provide any medical assistance necessary. All equipments to deal with are regularly sanitized and stocked. The clinic has beds and wheelchairs to temporarily treat the needy and an ambulance is available at the campus to transfer the patient to the nearest hospitals, in case of any escalated medical situation. JLU also makes any and every necessary arrangement to keep the students from harm’s way, so that uninterrupted learning can continue effortlessly.


The library is unarguably the most important academic facility of any university. Jagran Lakecity Universityy has gone far and beyond to make sure that its Library is one of a kind, not only in the country but in the whole world. The primary library at JLU Student Enrichment Hub, is a breathtaking iconic 90 feet tall PYRAMID, which is the only functional pyramid used for academic purpose in India. Spread in 28000 sq. ft. the structure houses 35000 books and has a subscription of 30+ monthly and annual journals and magazines. The Pyramid has a quiet reading area for 100 students and also gives access to vast reading resources online. The students and staff at JLU are provided access credentials to ‘McGraw Hill E-Books’ which additionally opens millions of books, journals, research papers, and much more. The Faculty of Law house a separate ‘Mini-Library’ in Block C, which has around 2000 hardcover books, and students of law, are provided access to thousands of legal resources online.

The Library at the main MungaliaChap Campus of JLU houses over 8000 books, magazines, and journals. It also has 25 computer systems that serve the purpose of an E-Library for the learners. The library is at Block A and has a subscription of 8 annual and monthly journals especially from the Engineering and Hospitality sector.


  • The library has more than 46,000 books and journals.
  • Subscription to DELNET and other internet libraries
  • Audio/Video records of renowned academicians are available
  • All library are open for 10 hours a day from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day
  • Peaceful environment for quality study time
  • Library Cards are issued to every student for their convenience


Jagran Lakecity University has a student-centric approach at its core. Especially for a practice-based curriculum, the students need to showcase their art in front of a large audience. JLU has 4 ultra-modern auditoriums which fulfill this purpose. These gathering hubs are also a place for the JLU community to get together for events and host celebrities, speakers, and academicians from all around the world. TEDx JLU 2019 was conducted in the Block C auditorium at SEH Chandanpura, which has a seating capacity of 260 and a 3 feet tall stage, which is the largest on the campus. Apart from it, JLU has an auditorium hall in A Block which can host 110 attendees at once and a theater in Block E – Shri Gurudev Gupta Media Studios which can host 70 people for a memorable audiovisual experience. At the Mugalia Chhap Campus, Block C has a dedicated auditorium for a gathering of 100+ which is extensively used to host the events and functions of SOET & SOHT.

All the auditoriums at JLU is Wi-Fi enabled with a projector and a white screen for all practical purposes. These gathering halls are digitally accustomed to hold video conferences and webinars for all the attendees, with amazing acoustic experience.


Jagran Lakecity University establishes itself as a practice-based university, and hence research is at the forefront of our curriculum. Labs and Group Discussion rooms are the most essential pieces of the infrastructure that promote fruitful discussions and intelligent conversations.


JLU has 7 dedicated GD/ conference rooms for students and staff. These rooms, spread between two campuses, have accommodation capacity varying from 12-30. All the rooms are Wi-Fi enabled, with large screens or projectors for display and surround sound enabled audio. The rooms are equipped with microphones to enhance the speaker’s audio and have high-definition cameras for enabling video conferencing, especially with partner universities abroad.


Laboratories at JLU are the backbone of practice-based pedagogy. Combining the PC and non-PC labs, JLU has over 45 labs. These are designed and utilized as per the need and requirements of specific schools. Jagran Lakecity Business School (JLBS), the flagship business school has a computer lab with a capacity to accommodate 45 students; JLU School of Law in its lab can house 60 students. The video editing lab at ‘Shri Gurudev Gupta Media Studios’ has 30 high tech systems for all creative purposes; it also has a photography lab, a media production lab with 20 systems and an audio recording and broadcast studio. The Jagran School of Humanities and Social Sciences has a Psychology lab and an education lab for the display of charts, graphs, and mock counseling sessions. Dedicated especially to sports, JLU also has a Physiology and Anatomy lab, Yoga lab, and a Testing lab to conduct fitness tests of athletes. Two large halls with judo mats are also at disposal to practice and organize martial arts events, like Judo, Karate, Boxing, Taekwondo etc.

The JLU School of Hospitality and Tourism (SOHT) has 3 fully equipped kitchens, 1 restaurant, one front office, one bakery, one housekeeping & laundry lab, and two demo (Hotel) rooms for training. No aspect of the industry is left out in which the students are not trained practically. The JLU School of Engineering and Technology (SOET) has 24 operational labs which are equipped with all instruments and facilities that an engineering student from any stream might require. The 5 computer labs at SOET have over 100 systems in total and are used for, CAD/CAM/CAE, computer programming, networking and are enabled with WINDOWS and UNIX/LINUX both.

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