Master of Arts (Psychology)

Master of Arts (Psychology)
Starts from:March 19, 2022
Course Feature
  • Course Code MAPS
  • Duration 2 Years
  • Course Type Full Time
  • Min Qualification Successful completion of Bachelor’s degree with Psychology as one of the core subjects or Honour’s degree in Psychology , 60% in qualifying exam JLUET followed by personal interview.
Course Objective

The programme MA (Psychology) covers the principles, theories, and approaches of Psychology with in-depth learning and specializations in Clinical Psychology, Counseling Psychology and Industrial / Organizational Psychology. The emphasis of the program is to provide skill-based education to learners wishing to become practicing psychologists in their specialized field.  The learners will be equipped with the advanced methods of research in psychology to enhance a scientific temper and approach.


Learning Outcomes

At the end of the three-year education, learners will be able to

  • demonstrate professional skills to meet formal requirements for entry into the professions in the field of psychology
  • develop advanced critical thinking and analytical skills essential to understand human behaviour and extend the knowledge base
  • cultivate an ethical mindset heeding the implications of research using human participants
  • augment positive attributes such as empathy, compassion, optimism, social participation, and accountability to cultivate the spirit of service


Sl. No. Type of Courses Names of Courses (select) Year of Offering
1. Core 
  • Cognitive Processes
  • Biological Basis of Behaviour
  • Social Basis of Behaviour
  • Psychological Assessment
  • Psychological Research
Year 1
2.  Discipline Specific Electives
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Alternate Healing Processes
  • Behaviour Modification Techniques
Year 1and 2
3.  Open electives- CBCS modeled   
  • Selected from courses offered by Other schools
Year 1
4.  Experiential Learning 
  • Projects and Internships
Year 2
5.  Ability/ Skill Enhancement
  • Communication and Presentation skills
  • Training in SPSS
  • X Billion courses
Year 1and 2
6.  Courses specific to Specializations
  • Foundations of Counseling Psychology
  • Counseling Skills -Basic and Advanced
  • Counseling Theories & Techniques
  • Life Skills for effective Living
Year 2
  • Introduction to Clinical Psychology
  • Psychopathology
  • Community Mental Health
  • Psychotherapies
  • Introduction to Organizational Behaviour
  • Human Resource Management
  • Organizational Culture & Processes
  • Organizational Change & Development

Admission Charges (One-Time, Non-Refundable) INR 5,000
Caution Money (One-Time, Refundable) INR 5,000
Alumni Fund (One-Time, Non-Refundable) INR 10,000
Digitalization Charges (Per Year) INR 10,000
Tuition Fees (Per Year) INR 50,000
Exam Fees (Per Year) INR 15,000
Total Fees Per Year INR 75,000

Caution Money (One-Time, Refundable) $135
Total Admission Charges (One-Time, Non-Refundable) $135
Total Course fees (Per Year) $2,000


100% on Tuition Fees (Max 10 Seats)
9 CGPA or Equivalent in qualifying exam

50% on Tuition Fees (Max 20 Seats)
8.1 – 8.9 CGPA or Equivalent in qualifying exam

25% on Tuition Fees (Max 20 Seats)
7.5 – 8 CGPA or Equivalent in qualifying exam

All scholarships will be on Year 1 Tuition Fee-only

An MA degree in Psychology provides job opportunities in the following sectors

  • Health Care Industry- Hospitals and clinics
  • Hospices, Care of elderly
  • Government departments connected to human welfare
  • Educational Institutions ( K-12 and Higher education)
  • Teaching and Research
  • Independent Practitioner/ Consultant
  • Corporate Houses and Industries
  • Alternate Healing
  • Wellness and Life coaching
  • NGO’s with mental health initiatives
  • Civil Services and Government Bodies

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