Expert talk on “Industry Expectations from a Professional”


JLU-School of Engineering & Technology organized an expert talk on “Industry Expectations from a Professional” for the students of B.Tech and B.C.A. The Guest speaker was Ms. Seema Goswami, Director- Human Resources, Blend Group of Companies, Pune. She emphasized the importance of professionalism in the corporate environment and elaborated on the quality of a leader.


The faculty of Architecture and Engineering is a bustling hub that houses two schools – JLU School of Engineering and Technology and Jagran School of Architecture.

The School of Engineering and Technology with its primary focus on research-based learning enables learners/students to thrive on creative ideas and turn them into successful projects.

The School offers a range of specialization courses in advanced technology like AI, Machine learning, Data Visualization, and more. Our one-month international industrial training program gives an excellent opportunity for students to get a global perspective at some of the world’s top-renowned universities. Furthermore, with the University being ‘Practice Based’, a full semester is dedicated to industrial training, where students get a chance to apply their newly acquired skills to real-life projects.

Jagran School of Architecture empowers you to fulfill the requirements of both practical and comprehensive education.

  • Gain Practical skills alongside theory – The School emphasizes taking a design-built approach while simultaneously helping students through creative thinking, allowing them to make use of different materials and techniques.
  • Out-of-classroom learning – Students are sent to work on-site, and help in the designing process to get hands-on practical experience for their future endeavors.
  • Making use of the latest digital tools.
  • Focus on the core abilities – Vocational, professional. Critical and ethical skills.
  • International collaborations – Our network with International institutions enables our students to get rich exposure, global perspective, new age methods, and more.

Coming up with solutions from expert talk for our ever-changing landscape and our habitat has been a major challenge in the field of Architecture. Today solutions are created/designed keeping in mind the major factors of Sustainability, Globalization, Market Economy, and Digital technology. Our graduates are prepared to address problems and challenges and lead teams efficiently.

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