Human Factor Lab

Jagran Lakecity University is proud to partner with Dalham Foundation to establish the first Human Factor Assessment (HFA) Lab in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

HFA is a multi-layered series of clinical psychological assessments specifically designed to probe the deepest reaches of a student’s psyche (classes 8 and above). It helps parents and teachers interpret and evaluate students' perspective of the world around them; identify red-flags in their personality traits and analyse their overall emotional and mental well-being.

HFA adopts a 360-degree approach to peer into the personality of a student and understands them better. It uses the science of Thematic Apperception Test in "Perception of the World" section to learn more about the respondents' thoughts, concerns, and motives. Cognitive Assessment, Expression of Self and Social Skills Test constitute an integral part of the assessment. They give us an insight into a child’s preferences and potentialities, thus helping them choose the right career and create a happy life.

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