Jagran Centre for Self-Discovery

Stepping into a Higher Education Institute is an important transition for a young adult. This is where the youngest members of the University launch their dreams and kick start the mission to achieving their vocational goals through dedicated academic pursuits.

When setting out to achieve these goals, it is important that they be provided a supportive environment to facilitate this journey and positive mental health is the keystone to lifelong success. ‘Jagran Centre for Self-Discovery’ established at Jagran Lakecity University is an initiative by the University to provide its student community with a supportive environment where they can discuss their concerns and address the challenges faced by them in their academic or personal life.

The centre would be facilitated by trained professionals and the confidentiality of information disclosed during these sessions and anonymity of the students seeking guidance and/or counselling would be of paramount importance.

Strategic Vision of The Counseling Centre

To promote the psychological wellbeing of the student community of Jagran Lakecity University by offering professional counselling service and undertake activities directed at building awareness for enhanced mental health.

Services offered
  1. Personal Counselling
    Issues addressed:
    • Relationship and adjustment issues
    • Stress related concerns
    • Issues relating to self-esteem and personal growth
    • Body image and eating disorders,
    • Substance abuse and other addictions,
    • Depression and suicidal thoughts
    • Family concerns
    • Behavioral problems
    • Overcoming the feeling of homesickness
  2. Academic Support Programmes
    Issues addressed:
    • Test anxiety
    • Study skills
    • Learning differences
    • Academic goal setting
    • Test taking skills
    • Concentration and memory related concerns
    • Time management issues
    • Handling academic pressure
  3. Career Guidance
    Issues addressed:
    • Psycho-educational assessment
    • Career related information-courses, scholarships etc
  4. Outreach Services
    Issues addressed:
    • Mental health awareness
    • Enhancing awareness of self

Registration for Jagran Centre for Self-Discovery

How do I register to access the service?

For self-referrals:

  • Offline Procedures:
    • Student can personally approach the coordinator or faculty members in their respective schools directly and register to avail facilities offered.
    • Registration and consent forms are to be filled by the student before the actual counselling sessions begin.
  • Online Procedures:
    • Fill the form given on this page
    • All further communications would be directed through the contact number 7471110107 or email id selfdiscovery@jlu.edu.in
    • This process has been developed ensuring that the details are confidential and not accessible to any person other than the coordinator.

Clients referred by others:

  • Students can also be referred to the centre by parents, faculty or peers. However, registration procedures and consent taking will be followed as per the procedures.

Email id : selfdiscovery@jlu.edu.in

Contact number:7471110107

Counsellors' Schedule

Day of the week Name of the Counsellor Time of availability
Monday Dr Shailaja Shastri 5pm – 6pm
Tuesday Dr Shailaja Shastri 5pm – 6pm
Wednesday Dr Reena Rajput 4pm - 5pm
Thursday Dr Urvashi Dutta 4pm - 5pm
Friday Dr Urvashi Dutta 4pm - 5pm
Saturday Ms. Ayushi Saxena 4pm - 5pm



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