JLU Knowledge Series

The “JLU Knowledge Series” provides an excellent forum for senior most executives from the public and private sectors to address pertinent leadership issues and share their insights with students, faculty and working executives. Under this lecture series we ask speakers to address the leadership principles and experiences (both positive and negative) that they have found most valuable throughout their careers. It is useful for speakers to focus especially on leadership lessons that are transferable. Specifically, participants are interested in learning about entrepreneurship and risk taking, negotiation and deal-making skills, and forecasting changes and trends in rapidly changing environments and markets.

The speaker for the leadership series will be a leader from various fields, such as sports, business, and politics. The most well regarded speakers are those who have taken the time to be thoughtful and introspective about their careers and their business relationships, about what worked and what did not. What resonates in particular is how the speakers started out, what they learned or did later in their career that they wish they had done earlier, and the like.

JLU Knowledge Series - Episode 1
JLU Knowledge Series - Episode 2
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