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JLU School of Engineering & Technology

JLU School of Engineering & Technology pushes the frontiers of modern engineering & technology through teaching and research, with a mission to seek solutions to important global problems and to educate leaders who will turn great ideas into real changes that will make the world a better place.

Each of our degree integrates elements of traditional engineering disciplines and draw on the strengths of our impressive faculty and their research experience. This foundation combined with practical design-based learning gives you the tools to envision new and effective solutions of top issues in our world and bring them in order to serve society and nation.

JLU-SOET is the only institute of its type in central India which offers different specialization courses based on latest technologies, tools and diverse applications. The key objective behind offering these specialization courses is to bridge the gap between modern industry and skilled graduates who can stand as true frontiers in the field of technology.

Being a part of global university, JLU-SOET offers various global opportunities to its students through international industrial training program, various international partnerships etc. The industry oriented curriculum helps the students to get placed in various top MNCs, PSUs and also helps them to enroll in top universities of the world for higher studies.

Why Us

  1. Specialization Courses: Apart from fundamental engineering subjects, students will be able to learn various advanced topics like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Deep Learning, User Experience etc.
  2. Industry Based Curriculum: As per the industry’s requirement, the changes are adopted in curriculum at regular interval of time through conduction of Borad of Studies (BoS) meetings.
  3. One Month International Industrial Training Program: Opportunity for the students to get trained at leading Universities of international level.
  4. Dedicated Semester for industrial internship/training program: One complete semester is dedicated for industrial internship/training program.
  5. Smart Classrooms: The smart classrooms are central to our efforts to lead a revolution in teaching. Proper study materials and course content is provided to the students through ERP.
  6. International Partnerships: Jagran Lakecity University (JLU) partnered with ImagineXP and other reputed industries. ImaginXP is one of the India's leading organizations that has trained and certified 15000+ professionals in the field of User Experience, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning and Data Science. Along with these tie-ups university has the collaboration with Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA). The aim of this partnership is to train and certify students on CompTIA certification programs, especially in cloud computing and cyber security
  7. Well Equipped Labs: Well-equipped computer labs are available for the students with computer systems of latest configurations along with high performance computing systems.
  8. Global Teaching Methodology: JLU-SOET follows the global pedagogies for teaching:
  9. Impressive Placement Record: Students at JLU-SOET have been placed in various reputed companies with good packages. The major recruiters are Apple Inc., Infosys, Reliance Inc., Jaro Educations, Genpact, Yash Technologies, Ennoble IP and many more in the row.
  10. Gateway for Further Study or Research: Many students of JLU-SOET have gone abroad for further studies in reputed universities across the globe. Several students got qualified in gate with good all india rank.

Annual Reports

Members Board of Studies

Dr. Dileep Kumar Singh
Head, School of Computer Engineering
Chairman, Board of Studies

Dr. Ammenur Rehman Siddiqui
Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering
MANIT, Bhopal

Dr. Sandeep Chaudhary
Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering
IIT Indore

Dr. Meenu Chawla
Professor, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, MANIT, Bhopal

Mr. Ranveer Singh Rajput (IES)
Special Invitee, Additional DRM
Western-Central Railway, Bhopal

Dr. Prashant Singh
Special Invitee, Sr. Manager
ISC Software Pvt. Ltd., Bhopal

Mr. Niraj Kumar
Special Invitee, Chief Workshop Manager
Coach Rehabilitation Workshop, Bhopal

Dr. Sujoy Das
Professor, Department of Computer Applications
MANIT, Bhopal

Dr. Gitanjali Pagare
Professor, Department of Physics
Govt. Sarojini Naidu College, Bhopal

Dr. K. R. Pardasani
Professor, Department of Mathematics
MANIT, Bhopal

Dr. Vandana Rathore
Associate Professor, School of Compter Engineering

Dr. Prashant Kumar Shukla
Assistant Professor (SG), School of Compter Engineering

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