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At the Faculty of Journalism and Creative Studies, theory and practice are integrated into all areas and levels, be it Post graduation or Graduation. The students learn how to produce, evaluate and manage media content for traditional and emerging media in a variety of genres, including information (news and documentary), music, comedy, sports, drama, commercial & non- commercial and persuasion campaigns. They study institutions that create, distribute and investigate media products (e.g., production studios, television, radio networks and audience measurement companies) and learn how to create and operate successful media businesses.

Media Studies & Production students learn to think purposefully and critically about media and examine media roles in history, culture and society from many perspectives. They also learn how to act ethically as they interact with the world both in careers in media institutions and as media consuming and producing citizens. To keep up with the rapid advances in technology, the hardware and software of the studios of Jagran School of Journalism and Communication are updated on a yearly basis. This ensures that our graduating students are proficient with the latest industry standards as they head into the workplace.

The above practicum aspects of the study are carried out at a full- fledged state of the art studios and is probably India's best University Studios & Labs.

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